Monday, September 28, 2015

The 10 Commandments

Hey guys. So this week I realized I've been here for 6 months now. That's like a really long time. But this week was good. I can honestly tell you that! Mostly cause of my super awesome companion. She's perfect. We just decided we'll just do our very best but have fun too. Cause no one likes stress. And we had one of our best weeks(: the Lord blessed us cause we just gave it all to Him! We stopped doing it our way and let Him do His work.

So it rained all week this week we have one area that just gets so crazy muddy!! And when we were walking I found a sink spot, as soon as I stepped in this puddle I sunk down to my knees!! Like sinking sand is a real thing. I almost did it again just so I could get a picture but it felt gross so I was like nah. So do you guys know that movie Despicable Me? Of course you do cause that movie is the best! But I forgot about it until we met this man and he like to talk to me in English cause I'm American and stuff and he sounds just like Gru!! (I think thats his name basta the main character guy) or it made my day!!

We continue to see tender mercies and miracles everyday! This work is the best work in the world. I love being a missionary. I love the gospel. And I love my Savior!! K stay fresh bye!

Part of Sister Schimbeck's letter to her dad:

So this week we teaching the 10 commandments to a RC and when we shared about Thou shalt not steal I felt prompted to share about when we lived in Central and you found a womans wallet out on the side of the road and you contacted her to return it and when you gave back to her with all her money and everything still in it she was so so happy and tried to give you a reward for being so honest and not taking her money. I've never forgot about this experience even though it was so long ago, I thought my dad is so cool and now being older I can see how Christlike you are and that act was!! It was exactly what the RC needed and it was so cool because he has a problem of pocket picking so I just wanted to tell you thank you for the example you showed to me and for this RC! I love you so much and miss you always. Have a great week!

Sister Schimbeck

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