Monday, September 7, 2015

Kari kari kamo mga santos

Oh where to begin? This week was honestly awful. Haha. Everything that could've gone wrong did. Like do you guys remember Sister Virgiana that I've been bragging about? She backed out of her baptism. We lost most of our progressing investigators. And I could go on about the bad things. But thats not what matters.
#swag (if thats still what the kids use these days)
I love what President Barredo says 'learn from the past, live in the present and look to the future.' That is his motto! He always repeats it. But its perfect no? I think we'd be some very depressed people if we just thought about the past. My favorite thing we do every night is when we come home is to pray and give thanks for the trials but then to focus on the tender mercies Heavenly Father has given us that day. It just turns the bad days around(:

So do you guys remember about a year ago now when I likened companionships to marriageship? And how I said I'd marry Sister Cruz because of all her wonderful attributes? Yeah well I'd marry Sister Cansanay too.

-Filipinos love it when you eat with your hands! 
She is such a great companion to me! She makes me want to do better and keeps me positive. Sometimes I feel like she's training me. She's such a good missionary and person! I read a verse this week, Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them." So I was familiar with this verse before. But it was so different reading it this time. I know that no matter what Sister Cansanay and I go through in this area we are not alone. We are gathered together in His name and He is with us! I could not do this work if I had to rely on my own strength. I know this is His work and we are only but tools is His hands. I love being a missionary! Remember, there are latter day saints and there are latter day aints. Stay fresh guys!

Sister Schimbeck
Our mission tour with Elder Shane Bowen!

-Inday-Inday! Its a native food. I can't tell you if its good or not.
I thought it was disgusting but Sister Cansanay loves it.
(But I'm probably right) hahaha joke(:

Stolen shot of me and sister cansanay eating!
They love when I eat with my hands ahaha they think its hilarious!

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