Monday, July 27, 2015

"ambot?" "I don't know"

Maaung gabi sa inyo!! So I realized that I always say Good Morning but its night time there so Good Evening! But we also don't say good evening in America so that was probably is just weird. Anyways, super great week this week! Sister Cansanay is killing it. Like she's training me, I'm not training her. She has so much knowledge of missionary work, from when she was ward missionary in her home ward, that she has brought to our ward! Like I didn't even know what a ward council was before my mission.
Riding a tricycle to our really far area! 
 So teaching her Hiligaynon is always an adventure like this week she asked me what 'ambot' means (Hiligaynon for I don't know) and I'd tell her I don't know and then she'd look at me like she was waiting for more but I thought I answered her question so I just continue doing my thing and then a little later she asks me "Sister whats ambot?" "I don't know" and this went on for the rest of the day until I finally figured out that she just thought I didn't know what ambot meant! She has so much patience with me hahaha!
Here's me with a cute little lamb or goat or something
I don't really know?

This week an investigator we're teaching, Sister Melissa, shared with us how her BOM reading was in between our visits and she shared Moroni 7:29-31, "have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of prepare the way among the children of men, by declaring the word of Christ unto the chosen vessels of the Lord." She got choked up after she read these verses to us and all she could get out was that we were her angels sent to minister to her and she was so thankful.
-FHE at the Melgar home!
They're basically Schimbeck's so I feel right at home(:
You can bet I cried, cause I'm an emotional baby. I know that Melissa is a 'choosen vessel' she has accepted our message and Jesus Christ in her life and now her life has been changed. Miracles do not cease, they'e so real. I love this opportunity to minister to these people, its such a joy! I know we are only instruments in the Lords hands as we witness His work. I'll cherish that beautiful moment forever. I love being a missionary!! Halong kmu! Stay Fresh!
-Sister Cansanay last pday when we were waiting at Ceneco. Its worse than the DMV. 

-Me and Justin showing of our swag.

This is Justin, he is my favorite ever!! 

Me and Justin.
He just reminds me so much of Orianna!! Hahah 

Heres a super bad picture of our family home evening with the Melgar Family!!
They remind me of Schimbeck's I love them(:

-Rule number 32 'enjoy the little things'. Angelika gets it.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hi guys. So my new companion is Sister Cansanay from Laguna!! She's 23 years old and just the cutest thing. I love her so much already. Like I now get why when you're training the trainee is your 'anak' (or 'child' in English) because if I had a child I would love them like I love Sister Cansanay.
Me and Sister Cansanay(: 
She is straight Tagalog speaking and couldn't understand one word these people were speaking to her. Its actually really funny cause they talk to her and then she'll just look to me and I answer them, they're like what the heck the american is the one who understands? Its funny but you know I've been so blessed as a trainer because Sister Cansanay is the best trainee. She is learning the language so fast, is already great at teaching, and is such a hard worker! I can truly say that I love training, its hard but I still love it(: Its such an adventure. Like we came home Thursday and we didn't have power, no lights, no electric fan, yeah.. (until now we still don't have power, its a long story) We about burned our eye brows off cooking adobo chicken haha (neither of us really know how to cook) Sister Cansanay has such a bright, burning spirit and I know we are going to start seeing miracles here in Sum-ag.
Sister Camo my temporary companion while
I was waiting for Sister Cansanay! I really loved her. 
Yeah that's all I got for you this week. Just all about my new kaupod, haha sorry I promise the work is great here too, we're in the process of finding new investigators! And we'll have some baptisms this August(: I know they will happen too, we have faith(: I know anything is possible when we have faith in Christ. When we just put all our trust in Him, forget about what we want to happen and how we think we can make it happen, He will make it happen! I love being a missionary so much! Kbye halong kamo! Stay fresh!
My muddy feet!
Back when we were walking through floods everyday! 

Sister Tatireta a our last MLC! The burgers they had were so huge!! 

Me and Elder Kim! He's my batch and we're best friends.
 He's wearing my Sister Schimbeck nametag
in Hiligaynon because he wants to be me. 

Bacolod South Zone! The cutest zone in all of Bacolod. 

Guava! I thought it was going to be the most delicious fruit,
but I threw it after I took this picture.
 It doesn't taste as good as it smells is the soaps and perfumes.

Joevelyn Qumibo when she came to visit me!!! 

Our area has lots of rice fields(: my favorite 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A little Music Will Bring the Spirit

Why did the woman go outside with her purse open? Because she expected a change in the weather. Whats the difference between weather and climate? You can't weather a tree but you can climate. hehehe(: maaung udto!! So these are just some jokes a ward missionary told me when I received the call that I would be training this cycle. Yeah. I'm kinda nervous. The mission just never can be easy. Its always just getting harder and harder. I don't who I'm training yet so you'll get to find out next week(: yay!

So last week was possibly the hardest week of my mission. Me and Sister Tatireta just hit a slump. We had no idea what was wrong! We got punted all day everyday. No one wanted to listen to us, our investigators, recent converts, less actives, no one (like in the city people are always so busy). Usually people are like oh this white girl knows how to speak Hiligaynon I'll listen to what she has to say but this week Satan was really working against us. That guy. We also had our MLC and zone training. It was all about the spirit. It was so perfect. I now feel like it was preparing me for this step in becoming a trainer. I know its the spirit that will train this missionary, not me. I'm nothing without the spirit. Like this week for example, we met a less active. He was baptized in 2013 then moved to the Christian church in 2014 and is now the assistant to the preacher. And he didn't really want to listen to us, he wanted to argue with us. But I'm not about that life. So we just sang for him, the power house, I am a Child of God. I've never seen the spirit hit someone so strong. He got the chills and cried. He told us "this feeling is why I joined your church. But I don't feel it anymore." ah I know this church is true, with all my heart. The spirit is the love from God that brings so many people to the truth and I get to witness it everyday(: I love being a missionary so much!! Halong kmu! Stay Fresh.

Sister Schimbeck

Monday, July 6, 2015

Book of Mormon...The Key to Conversion

Hey. This week was wonderful, my faith has grown tremendously!! So many little ways that have made such a huge change in my heart and brought a stronger faith. So there is a typhoon passing the Visayas right now (Bacolod is part of the Visayas) the typhoon itself is far away from us but we still have some strong wind and rain. It has rained all day everyday for the last 5 days. The sky reminds me of winter in enterprise. Its so dark and gloomy. So the dark sky with the freezing rain makes me have no desire to leave our apartment. My faith wavered. But then Sister Tatireta says to me "Sister Schimbeck do you love Jesus Christ or do you love Satan?" And I say to her "Sister Tatireta I most certainly love Jesus Christ! Lets go save some souls!" I found the faith to go out into that miserable weather and the atonement of Jesus Christ makes up for the rest. I know the enabling power of the atonement is real and it is helping us everyday whether we realize it or not.

We met our new mission President this week! President Barredo. He is so awesome!!! Everyone has been wondering what will be the vision of Pres Barredo for our mission. Pres Lopez created a vision for us and it has been the success of our mission so we were anxious to see what will change. During his presentation he had a picture of him and his wife in front of the temple on their wedding day and he says " Elders and Sisters, you want to know my vision. This is my vision" Hahaha oh hes so spiritual and funny at the same time. Its perfect and I love it.

This Saturday was the baptism of Felix(: HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY TO ME! When I first met Felix I thought he was going to be an eternal investigator.

He belonged to the apostolic church, wouldn't except anything except the bible and didn't believe in the God head. I had no faith in Felix. But as we gave time for Felix to feel the power of the spirit it change his view, he grew in faith and made the decision to be baptized(: in his testimony after his baptism he said "I love the bible but its not the Book of Mormon. My life is changed from the Book of Mormon and I know it is the word of God" I cried right then and there. My faith grew. The Book of Mormon has a power. I feel it everyday when I read it. I read one of my favorite stories this week. The story of the Brother of Jared. He is the man. So much faith!!! My faith grew reading about his faith. So in chapter 2 he is asking the lord what he's going to do to have light in their barges and what the lord replied to him changed my life, "What will ye that I should do that ye may have light in your vessels?"
Have you ever just been asking for general blessings or general guidance in your prayers? That was me and this time. And I didn't really feel anything. But I know that we are to counsel with the lord in all our doings not just ask him to bless us. To get specific blessings we ask for specific blessings. Oh I love the Book of Mormon. It is true. The gospel is true and it changes lives. I love being a missionary! Kbye stay fresh!

Sister Schimbeck
New T-Shirt Design made by my dad