Monday, October 5, 2015

Transfer Day

Transfer day! I've been transferred to Talisay Ward! With Sister Guanzon. She is 23 and she is from Bicol, Philippines! She's been here since June! I knew her was I was in Sum-ag. We actually went on exchanges when I was STL and she is really great so I'm excited! Our area is really great too, I guess.

I was super sad to leave the people of Sum-ag and Sister Cansanay but it was time for a change. It was really hard pretty much knowing I was going to transfer. Like I'm pretty sure I felt like how a girlfriends feels when she is going to break up with her abusive boyfriend. Like you love him and you work really hard so it will be good and you can progress but then he just breaks your heart and stuff. That could maybe be a bad example but thats what it felt like. I love Sum-ag and those people but it was abusive to my poor heart. One thing that was cool this week, I taught Sister Cansanay how to 'door bell ditch'. We have one area where some recent converts live and its a really fancy subdivision. They actually have door bells usually we just yell TUGBALAY.
Sister Schimbeck using her height to help paint a member's tricycle 
So yeah I was like okay Sister Cansanay I'm going to show you what I used to do for fun back in the days. So I rang the doorbell and ran to hide and she's like what are you doing? Yeah she didn't get it. But it was fun! I wish I could send all our pictures of this week(: but I don't know how computers work. One super cool experience that happened this week is one I'm going to share right, So Sister Virgiana (the one who backed out of baptism) finally let us teach her again!! She never gives us the time so finally she did because I was very persuasive and charming. And we shared about temples. Just the most simple truths and our testimonies. The spirit was there and he was talking and testifying to Virgiana. She was so touched cause he husband has passed away now. Yeah we all just cried at the end of the lesson. I know she will be baptized someday. Heavenly Father loves her so much. I will miss her and all those I meet in Sum-ag. I'm a missionary with stronger faith because of that area and I'm so grateful for those six months(: yup. K stay fresh guys!!

Sister Schimbeck

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