Monday, September 21, 2015


So a sister told me in my first area "Sister Schimbeck, your last few months in the mission will be the hardest months of your mission" and I was just like why the heck did you just tell me that? That's not what I want to hear! But I didn't believe her I was like no way Jose! 1. I will know that language and be able to understand and 2. I will be a gospel genius. But it turns out, she was right.
-Sister Canasay called this a Candid shot?
I do love/hate a good Jeepney ride.
Despite that I can speak and understand now there are still so many challenges. But that's just how much Heavenly Father loves me! He only does it to make me stronger. Haha but really me and Sister Cansanay have just been keeping a positive attitude and enjoying our companionship(: we just eat food when we start to get sad! Haha so my favorite part about this week was when we were reading in our 12 week training program book about what she would take lead in for that week. And she read, "the new missionary will take lead in teaching the commandments.....hey I'm not a new missionary!" I'M NOT A NEW MISSIONARY! That was sweet music to my ears. All I wanted for Sister Cansanay in her first 12 weeks was to have confidence in herself and when those words came out of her mouth joy just filled my heart.
We may not have weekly baptisms but she has confidence in herself and I feel like a successful trainer(: oh the tender mercies. I'll be forever grateful for them! Like we got 3 referrals yesterday and had investigators at church so I'm just super content right now. The mission is the hardest thing that I've ever loved! The gospel is true. Stay Fresh!

Sister Schimbeck

-Yes, I know how to cook! No, I don't know how to cook American food.

Taco Tuesday

-Just my most favorite scene.
A carabao taking a bath in the mud and rice fields(: #philippines

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