Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"I desire to dwell among this people for a time..."

Maaung aga brothers and sisters! This week was just so full of wonderful blessings and tender mercies(: I went on exchanges and I love exchanges but this time when I came home I was sick because of all the travels (tricycle rides are brutal guys) it was all those awful feelings from the cold, head and body aches, stuffy nose, and just super tired so you could say I wasn't too excited to work.
-I love my area(:
But I'm here to work so I went out everyday feeling like death and I just was numbed. Like I could work all day and I felt great! But then I'd come home at night and feel like death again until the morning again but guess what when I got out to work, IT GOES AWAY! The atonement is so real I testify. I felt succored and lifted up by the atonement of Jesus Christ. We're so blessed as missionaries! So many miracles we get to witness everyday! We have an investigator, Sister Mael, and she is awesome! We're just getting her birth certificate to be fixed so she can get married. She always shares from her Book of Mormon reading when we visit and she made her own quote for Mosiah 7:33 "A complete heart is sensitive to Gods will and motivated by a strong desire to serve Him obediently" Te isn't she awesome?!
Service for Nanay Donesa. She's really old.
I love Sister Guazon cause she makes sure we always
get pictures of whatever we are doing! 
I love that quote. I feel like my heart has had this change that Mael described. I'm so thankful I was called to serve here in the Bacolod mission, Talisay area. I love being a missionary so much. Ammon described exactly how I feel in Alma 17:23 "I desire to dwell among this people for a time; yea, and perhaps until the day I die." I know he felt that way because of the joy he felt from this work! The gospel is so true! yup. K stay fresh bye!!

Sister Schimbeck

These little boys made trucks! Aren't they so cute?

Sometime they put their drinks in bags! hhaha(:

Lemurs Birthday! He's 2.
We gave him a balloon and this coloring book that Lola Sommer sent to me.
It meant so much to them <3

FHE with the Dolorfino Family! This little pose is called Filipino style! hahah(:

Nanay Romero! She is turning 89 this coming May.
She tells us that at least 5 times every visit.
Shes a little forgetful and always repeats herself!
and we always have to sing God our Father Hear us Pray every visit(: haha

I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna baptize you.

I like boats.

Talisay Missionaries! 

Monday, October 19, 2015


Hello, hi, hey. So this week just went by so fast! It really freaks me out how fast time goes by. But I'm just so thankful for Sister Quanzon guys, she is just the companion I need right now. In every way possible. We have fun together too!! She told me this week
-Typhoon Lando!! The wind and waves were crazy! 
"I feel like I'm with a celebrity when we're out proselyting and it makes me feel like a celebrity too!" haha(: I'm her first american companion so t's different for her haha. But really almost every day someone has asked me if they can take a picture with me, someone kissed me (its a long story but its not what it sounds like I promise) and then one of our investigators collects my hair fall I leave at his house (guys I'm going to come home bald :/ ) So yeah its just so much different here in Talisay! Haha but I love it here, it feels like Sagay(:

So I want to share with you all this awesome article I read in the Liahona. It rocked my missionary world. So its by Dieter F Uchtdorf  first off so you know its good. And its about this relay race called lampadermia and the prize is not the fastest to finish but who ever reaches the finish with their torch still lit. And I was like oh boy is this talk for me. Everyone keeps telling me "Sister Schimbeck your close to the end now, sprint to the finish!"
-FHE with the Pabora family(: 
Yeah. So when I read this talk it doesn't matter if I sprint to the finish its still coming on the same date, if I walk or if I sprint. "While it is important to start the race, it is even more important that we finish with our torch still lit." That's what I love about this race its not a sprint, its a marathon. "Its human nature to stumble, fail and sometimes want to drop out of the race. But as disciples of Jesus Christ, we have committed not only to begin the race but also to finish it- and finish it with our torch still burning brightly." This wasn't written for missionaries but I felt like it was. We commit to this 18 month race and we got to finish it, with that torch! Ah I love it. And what I realized at the end of this talk is that the torch isn't even about me or what I do these 18 months. Its about my Savior. He is the torch, He is the light and life of the world!! And He is the light and life of my world so yeah Dieter F Uchtdorf is the man.
We have so many sketchy bridges in Talisay,
I actually broke through this bridge after I took this picture..
I love being a missionary and I love this race! Yup. Stay Fresh guysh!!

Sister Swift

Pictures of my house cause I know you like to see. I really like this house! The bathroom is the tinniest bathroom I have seen my whole mission but its still got a shower head so its okay, Its just weird showering cause its literally right next to the door. Haha so I'm not as excited about bunk beds as I was back in the day, thats why I'm on the bottom(: hehe yeah its just a cute house huh?

Hahah the wind is actually really crazy right now!!
I feel like I'm in Enterprise again

The wind was so crazy by the beach!!!

Our OYMs don't always reply to our txt but when they do its always funny,
Yes Nonoy, we all love Jesus!! 

We ate dinner to celebrate Elder Dalay's birthday!
He is in his training right now so he deserved it haha

Monday, October 12, 2015

Talisay Has My Heart

Hello! Kamusta kamo? My week was so great here in Talisay! I love this area so much already. Its just where I need to be for my (hopefully) last area. They are just the most loving and excited people!! I need that energy so much right now! And Sister Guanzon, she is awesome! She is so hard working and fun! We have a great time working together! I'm her first american companion as its kinda been a change adjusting. But its fun too(:

The beach of Talisay! 
General Conference was so great! Thank you for not spoiling who the new apostles were going to be last week(: I truly felt their power and I sustain them!! I know the Lord can do His work through the weak and simple, that's why He isn't afraid to send out teenagers to preach His gospel!! I loved all the talks, but the thing that stuck out to me most was how almost every speaker talked about the holy ghost! I loved when Henry B Eyring said "the moment we receive the holy ghost our lives are changed forever" I've seen the truthfulness of that statement here on my mission! But for me myself, my life was changed the time I learned how the holy ghost speaks to me.
Even though I've had the gift of the holy ghost for 7 years I didn't know how it worked. Like its so simple actually. I loved Larry R Lawerence's talk, he gave some very real and simple ways the holy ghost works with us!

This week was the baptism of Angelo(: he's 12 years old. When I saw we'd have a baptism I didn't feel like it would be my baptism, I wasn't here to teach him from the beginning. But the whole one week I was here I saw so much of his conversion take place. Everyday his prayer became more meaningful and as we reviewed the baptism interview questions I saw his understanding grow!! The day he was baptized he was glowing and he bore the most powerful and simple testimony.
Baptism of Angelo! 
I cried a little cause I realized I was apart of his conversion process and I still will be as we reteach him again(: he's twelve and he doesn't understand everything yet but 'learn wisdom in thy youth' his decision will bless his life forever cause he is learning in his youth!! The gospel is true! I love being a missionary!! K bye, stay fresh(:

Sister Schimbeck

Sorry a lot my pictures are from Sum-ag hahah

Sacred Grove?

Tree Hugger

Just your average neighborhood(:

super awkward picture but the sunset is cute huh?

Melgar family! I miss them so much! 

Justin wearing his neck tie that the jones family sent(:
now he looks like a boy!!! 

my four favorite elders of my batch! and we were all in the same zone,
for a couple weeks haha then we all got transferred! 

we took pictures at the beach cause I never seen the beach my six months there! 

My Heart Will Go On

little children taking baths at bumbas will always get me! hahah so cute! 

Onate family home evening! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Transfer Day

Transfer day! I've been transferred to Talisay Ward! With Sister Guanzon. She is 23 and she is from Bicol, Philippines! She's been here since June! I knew her was I was in Sum-ag. We actually went on exchanges when I was STL and she is really great so I'm excited! Our area is really great too, I guess.

I was super sad to leave the people of Sum-ag and Sister Cansanay but it was time for a change. It was really hard pretty much knowing I was going to transfer. Like I'm pretty sure I felt like how a girlfriends feels when she is going to break up with her abusive boyfriend. Like you love him and you work really hard so it will be good and you can progress but then he just breaks your heart and stuff. That could maybe be a bad example but thats what it felt like. I love Sum-ag and those people but it was abusive to my poor heart. One thing that was cool this week, I taught Sister Cansanay how to 'door bell ditch'. We have one area where some recent converts live and its a really fancy subdivision. They actually have door bells usually we just yell TUGBALAY.
Sister Schimbeck using her height to help paint a member's tricycle 
So yeah I was like okay Sister Cansanay I'm going to show you what I used to do for fun back in the days. So I rang the doorbell and ran to hide and she's like what are you doing? Yeah she didn't get it. But it was fun! I wish I could send all our pictures of this week(: but I don't know how computers work. One super cool experience that happened this week is one I'm going to share right, So Sister Virgiana (the one who backed out of baptism) finally let us teach her again!! She never gives us the time so finally she did because I was very persuasive and charming. And we shared about temples. Just the most simple truths and our testimonies. The spirit was there and he was talking and testifying to Virgiana. She was so touched cause he husband has passed away now. Yeah we all just cried at the end of the lesson. I know she will be baptized someday. Heavenly Father loves her so much. I will miss her and all those I meet in Sum-ag. I'm a missionary with stronger faith because of that area and I'm so grateful for those six months(: yup. K stay fresh guys!!

Sister Schimbeck