Friday, June 27, 2014

Can you dig it? First Letter From the MTC

Kamusta everyone!
So third day in the MTC and I get my pday. I can dig!! It was much needed though. We went to the temple this morning and it was just the most wonderful way to start the day! I wish we could do that everyday! It's just the most amazing feeling at the temple.

So when I first got her we jumped right into the language. It was crazy, he didn't speak English once the whole class. It is so hard! But I know it will come with time and help from my Lord!(: My companion Sister Pattillo and I are the only Sisters in our zone it pretty fun actually we all get along great and the Elders are so good to us! Haha the Elders are all so strong and great examples to me, Sister Pattillo is so sweet too! She helps me be a better missionary. And we get more Sisters on Wednesday so I'm pretty excited for that! There are so many missionaries that are going to the Philippines that are coming Wednesday. I think that'a another reason my date was moved forward, all the Elders and Sister Pattillos dates were moved forward too. I love being a missionary, it is definitely hard, very hard. But I'm learning so much and the spirit is always here. Oh and I'm probably gonna be a fatty when ya'll see me again. The MTC feeds you great, like unlimited ice cream and cookies. UNLIMITED. Its cool. So I figured out not only was I pronouncing Hiligaynon wrong but also Bacolod. The church is true! God loves us all! I love you all!

Sister Schimbeck

PS I promise my email will get better. (:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Farewell Sister Schimbeck

Michelle and Jacey
Jacey and Kirby

 Sister Schimbeck and Josh

 Allie, Josh, and Jacey
 The Botts
Korbin and Austin
 Grandpa and Grandma Sommer
 Blake, Jacey and Bryson
 Blake, Jacey, Bryson and Kamry
Sydney, Kieth, Jacey and Kenedy
 Jacey and Abby
 Aunt Jamie
 Grandma Sommer 
 Aunt JoLin
Jacey and Taylor

 Grandma June
 Preston and Josh
 Grandma, and Grandpa Schimbeck

 Jacey and Marc

Big "D" with a bump on the head