Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Surprise Party!

We received the following from a member in Jacey's old area of Santa Fe we (Jacey's family) couldn't watch without tears of joy!~ Thanks Ronwell:

Good day again, Brother Schimbeck, sir. :D

This is the full video of our birthday surprise to Sister Schimbeck. This has been done in my friend's home (Jorjene Aries) in Sum-ag. The video she was watching is a compilation of her photos from your home up to her current area, which we got majority from Instagram and her blog. Haha! Plus some birthday messages from the members of Santa Fe Ward. A family home evening followed.

She seems to be doing great, though a little stressed due to being a Sister Training Leader. Nevertheless, she's still the sweet, loving, kind, goofball daughter you used to have. And the members love her in her current area just as much as we love her in Santa Fe.

I hope this lessen your worries on your daughter's situation. God will always protect and bless her because she is on His errand.

God bless you all. And Stay Fresh! ^_^

The Slide Show:

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