Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy Birthday! Big 20!

Hi guys. So this week I turned 20. It was a week of emotions. At first I was excited I'm like yeah I'm gonna be 20! I'm not bata pa (child) anymore! And then it was my actual birthday and I was like oh, I'm old now.
Justin, Angel and Gigi my favorite little children(:
I'm not a teenager. But then a member was like 'no, you just turned twen-teen" hahaha yeah so now is cool again. My birthday was so so great! I've never felt so loved! They announced it in sacrament meeting and then all the opening prayer prayed that I would have a good birthday and they all wished me happy birthday in their testimonies! They are just so sweet! Then the Arruz family gave me lechon chicken! They're my favorite, Odin is getting baptized this Saturday(: I got a package from Grandma with kazoo's in it so I shared them with one family for my birthday!
The Melgar kids with their kazoo's!! 
Okay its really funny because they don't have kazoo's here so I was trying to show them how it worked and I couldn't remember how to play it!! Luckly little 3 year old Justin figured it out!! Haha I love these people(:

So I read in 3 Nephi 17 this morning and it just became like my favorite chapter. Its a chapter where Jesus heals the sick and blesses the children. I mean he's always doing that but this chapter was just so special to me. This chapter just really shows the nature of Jesus Christ for me. He was so full of love and compassion towards them. I truly needed to feel that this morning (because the mission and being a STL is stressful and stuff but that doesn't matter) and verse 24 just touched my heart, "angels descending out of heaven.. they came down and encircled those little ones about..and the angels did minister unto them.
The Arruz family! I love them. 
" I know we have angels encircling and ministering to us. I feel it everyday doing this work, I know I couldn't do this work if I didn't have those encircling angels pushing me on. And just like the Nephites enjoying the short time that Jesus was in their presence in verse 5, "..did look steadfastly upon Him as if they would ask him to tarry a little longer with them" I will always cherish the times that I feel him tarrying with me and walking with me. I love being His missionary so much! I wouldn't give it up for a drink from swig. Yep, well have a great week! Stay Fresh!

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