Monday, June 15, 2015

... He Rescued his Family!

Guys hot season is over. Its over(: and now its rainy season!! I love rainy season because everyone is at home(: ah its so wonderful for the work! So like I've been reminded a lot lately that this month of June marks my one year mark. Holy wow times flies. And lately I've realized that I've actually been out a long time now, it doesn't feel like it but I have. Like sang una I used to get so pumped when I'd see white people. I'd be like 'yeah a white person! I know how to talk with them!' But now its like 'what is he doing here?' 'Don't make eye contact.' 'What's Maaung hapon in english?' So yeah its real.

 I was in Heaven on Monday night. I was thrown my first surprise party. I got there and they were all like "Its still your birthday in America so happy birthday!"
My surprise birthday party(: these people are the best! 
I was like oh how nice and then it turned into a big party and I was so spoiled by all these lovely people in Sum-ag and Santa Fe. I'm so glad they sent you all those videos and stuff. I couldn't wait to tell you so you wouldn't feel so bad about not getting a package here for my birthday, because this birthday I will never forget.
They bought a cake and brownies (the best brownies ever) and Ronwell gave me this super cool watch and Faith gave me a Meet The Mormons Philippines key chain. Jorjene played her guitar and they all sang this happy EFY song that made my heart so full of joy. Oh it was so wonderful mom.

This week Odin Arroz was baptized! He is my favorite person ever. Odin is 10. His family are all less active members but they are now returned because of his baptism(:Odin is so smart. I used to not feel like part member children baptism were not real baptisms but I was so wrong. We've taught him just like any investigator and he has found out the truth for himself just like any other investigator. He was so freaken prepared for baptism.
Baptism of Odin and rescue of Efraim(: 
Like he was sick the day of his baptism and still came (that's like a big deal because when people even have a fever here they think they're dying and will not leave the house) he truly understands the importance of the gospel. His baptism was so much more than just for him, he rescued his family! He knows all my family too haha he know Allie, Josh and Madi. Josh he thinks your a beast, and you are. Oh I love them(:

Our MLC (missionary leadership council) was President and Sister Ferrins last meeting :/ they have made such a huge impact on my life. They truly had an eternal perspective and helped me to see it too. This mission is shaping the rest of my life right now and I didn't really see that until they got here. I love them so much.
President and Sister Ferrin(:
President Ferrin told us that missionaries learn as much and they learn about the gospel in 18 months that would take 30 years for us to learn after the mission. I know that is true. I feel my testimony grow everyday on my mission. Hey everyone, serve a mission okay? kthanks stay fresh! bye.

Sister Schimbeck

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