Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Come Back Gary!

Yeah Merry Christmas. It starts in September here! Haha this week was hard as. It was one of those weeks that I was asking myself several times what am I doing here? Don't worry I was able to remind myself why(: I made a miraculous discover this week. Oreos. I FOUND OREOS! Real life American food. It was glorious. I ate the whole package in one sitting and I'm not even mad. So living in the Philippines is kinda like camping I've decided.They don't have cars here. They drive motorcycles or ride tricycles (motorcycles with seats on the side you know?)
and they burn their garbage so it always smells smokey. And then at night some people don't have electricity so we use lanterns or fire for light. And to top it off showering with a bucket reminds me of camping. But I like camping so its great! It rained like everyday this week. It was really miserable. SO muddy!!! I adopted a pet snail this week too. Gary. I tried to get a picture of him for you guys cause he is huge! But he was too fast and my camera couldn't focus.. He ran away yesterday though:/ 

I really love being a missionary. We had a lady who were teaching ask us if we could come and give her friend some advice. These ladies are like in their 50s and they want our advice. Its not our advice though. We just teach the gospel. Man I love it. It changes lives!! I see it everyday(: 
Sister Carmela 
was a great example of this change. She was so very shy and would hide from us when we would come to teach her family. As time went on she would be waiting at the gate for us to come teach her. She can't read but she has the strongest testimony of the book of mormon!! Her sister would read to her every night. She never dared to pray out loud for us and now she wants to say the opening and closing prayer. Haha I love this work. These people are amazing. They barely have enough money for food but they all pay their tithing. Their faith is so inspiring to me!! "There is no more compelling work than this, nor and which brings greater satisfaction" I love this quote!! Its the real deal. I'm so thankful that I was called to serve a mission!! I'm learning more and more about this gospel everyday! I hope you all have a wonderful week and I love you. Stay fresh! 

Sister Schimbeck

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