Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Can't Sing!~Week 5 in Sagay

Next week is my follow up training! I can't even believe how fast time flies by. This week was so much better!! It didn't rain as much and just like it was good(: haha but when it does rain, filipinos run around with bags on their heads! Hahaha it the funniest thing every. These people are just so different from Americans and I love it. Like this one lady asked me to sing the Star Spangled Banner for her haha it was so awkward cause I can't sing. Oh that's another thing they just assume all white mormon girls from Utah can sing so I have to do special numbers all the time. Their poor ears. They're the most beautiful people too, I don't understand why they like white skin so much! Okay so another discover, I now understand why missionaries always get married right when they get home. Having a companion is like being married. You cook together, clean together, shop together, you tell each other everything and you have to worry about your kids (investigators) all the time like this is what I imagine being married is like. And its wonderful. I want to be companions with Sister Cruz forever.
Sister Cruz's broken shoe! haha 

    So I noticed and I don't write a lot about my investigators. Probably cause there are way too many to write about so I'll just tell about them when they get baptized(: the baptism picture attached is the Quimbo family(: Brother Moreto and Sister Myrna the parents with their grandson Brother Mel and then Sister Jovelyn their daughter that is now a returned less active(: The Quimbo's son, Joeben, was a member. They were taught as a family years ago and Joeben and Jovelyn were the only ones to get baptized, Myrna and Moreto weren't interested at all. Brother Mel is Joeben's son. Joeben just died in July so Myrna and Moreto took Mel in cause his mother left him. Yeah so they were just in a really rough place and let the missionaries teach them again. They were hooked after we told them that they could see Joeben again! They are the best ever. Whenever we would go to teach them they'd always have food for us and they would call us their angels! Oh I love them! All our investigators are just so great.

Quimbos baptism(:

We're teaching a lot of them how to read right now, its so fun! Gods hand our work this week amazed me! He gave us so many new investigators that are so ready to receive the gospel!! I can't wait to see what happens(: I love this work, I love this gospel and I love being a missionary!!! I love you all too thank you for all the prayers(: stay fresh.

Sister Schimbeck 

Family home evening with recent converts(:

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