Sunday, August 31, 2014


So this week blew by! Its September already!! My goodness. So this week has been awesome. I discovered lots of yummy foods! First off they have banana ketchup and it is glorious. I put it on everything, literally. And like they have so many fruits here. Did you know there are more than just one kind of mango? Yeah theres like a zillion. Bananas too! They have the cutest little baby bananas that are so yummy(: they just eat rice with everything too! Like we'll eat spaghetti and rice for a meal. So at a dinner appointment this week a family fed me pig intestines. Guys, it was so good!! They forgot that americans don't do well with that kinda stuff so they didn't tell me till the next day haha it was so funny!

I also poured myself a big bowl of cereal for breakfast one morning and I was reading my scriptures at the same time so I didn't realize till I was almost done with my cereal that it was ant infested. I WAS EATING A BOWL OF ANTS. They got into my box of cereal I guess. So yeah lots of fun food experiences this week. People feed us all the time and Sister Cruz is so happy because people don't like to feed americans because they're usually so picky. I'm not a normal american according to her haha its okay. I've discovered a way to shower too!! If I hold my pee I go faster and I don't think about how cold it is. I'm a genius!! Oh one more thing that happened so me and Sister Cruz were just walking you know like missionaries do and these boys whistle at us so I just ignore them but Sister Cruz, she turns around and says 'indi kami nga mga ido!' (we are not dogs) it was the funniest thing of my life!! She doesn't get sarcasm so I'm trying to teach her that right now and it like so sadya!! hahaha I love her. I'm a giant here. I literally get clothes lined by the clothes lines. I'm just following Sister Cruz and she is so short she doesn't have to duck for anything. Like its ridiculous.

I'm starting to understand more and more of whats being said. I just can't figure out how to say anything thats not gospel related. Yeah God is testing my patience with this one. Nothing is more frustrating than learning a language. We have been teaching about eternal marriage and temples a lot this week! I love teaching about this. Temples are a beautiful thing. I can't wait to be able to go again! Everyone go for me!! Its an amazing privilege having a temple so close. I love this work. Seeing the gospel change these peoples lives is such an amazing thing to watch! You can literally see their countenance change (does that even make sense?) all I know is I love it and this gospel. "How well we know that Lord makes a difference in how well we follow His voice" I'm experiencing this right now and its the coolest thing! I love strengthening my relationship with God and I'm truly coming to know Him for myself. Alma 7:23 this verse is crazy awesome and what I'm working on right now! Thank you everyone for all the support and prayers!! They mean so much!! I love being a missionary!!!  

Sister Schimbeck

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