Sunday, September 21, 2014

A little Q&A~Sagay Zone

Dad: Where is Sister Cruz from?
Jacey: Bulacan, Philippines

Dad: Tell us about Sister Cruz: 

Jacey: Well she is hilarious. 
She is an amazing cook.
Her favorite line to say is "I'm so smart"
She burps more than any person I know.
Her burps are very manly too.
She's been bit by a snake before!!
She is the perfect example of exact obedience.

Dad: Tell us about your apartment/house/pad/hut/cave?: 

Jacey: We have a very nice apartment actually! 
It has a nice collection of movies that we can't watch
It has lots of secret rooms that I have tried to break into many times but its impossible. The mystery is killing me.
There lots of little ants running all over the place!

Dad: Tell us about some of your favorite foods so far, and least favorite:

Jacey: The fruits here are nuts. I love it!
My favorites are: mangos, filipino pizza, rambutan ,pig intestines MmmMM

Dad: Tell us about Sagay:

Jacey:  We walk and take tricycles to parts of our area that are really far away. 
I guess our area is considered small but I still think its big so I don't want to know what big is.

Dad: Tell us about a spiritual experience?

Jacey:  We're teaching a family that will be baptized next week. And Brother Stewart he had alcohol and smoking problems it was one day away from the time he was supposed to stop and he was still smoking 10 plus cigarettes and drinking a couple glasses of alcohol a day so we fasted for him. He was able to stop his vices the next day and has continued to stay clean to this day!! yay

Dad: 1-10 scale how's the language coming? 

Jacey: 3

Dad: Have you talked in Sacrament or done other responsibilities in church?

Jacey: I spoke in sacrament the first Sunday I got here. And I'll have to speak again this Sunday. And every fourth Sunday. The ward is mostly recent converts so they are scared to accept callings and all that kind of stuff so we also teach the gospel principles class and a temple prep class.

Dad: Do you write in your journal? Jacey: Yes

Dad: Anything else?

Jacey: That rat was in our house?!?!!?!? Ahhhh gorss. Its a baby compared to the rats here though. Seriously they're insane here! 

Our member attendance at sacrament was 201 last week and its the most they've ever had! We have about 15 investigators each week at church and 30 or so recent converts. 
My district is just great. Its me and sister cruz the sister training leaders and 2 sets of elders. 

They're all so funny and just wonderful examples. all the elders are Filipinos and then the sister trainers are Samoan and american. Dad I just love you so much. Thanks for all you do and have done for me!! 

 No Filipino Rat

 What I eat most days

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  1. So fun to read these emails, answers to questions, and updates. She will love having a book to always treasure.