Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Made It!

Hey parents I just got here to the mission home and they gave us a couple minutes to e-mail you and let you know that I got here safely! Its been crazy here!! We were in the Philippines MTC for five days. Manila was so crazy I'll let you more about it on Monday when I have time during p-day but lets just say that I'm so blessed to be called to serve here in Bacolod!

My zone is Sagay and he told me my trainer is so one of his best and she is very gentle and patient so its perfect! Shes a native too so I'll get the accent down!! I'm so excited to be here I already love these people so much! Can't wait to here from you love you so much!!!

love Sister Schimbeck

This is the 1st photo we received of Jacey in the Philippines.  I was taken by Brother Green and Sister Green the in-laws of Mike Yardley a fellow teacher at Enterprise Elementary.  They texted it to him then he forwarded it to me. 

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