Sunday, August 24, 2014

COCK A DOODLE DOOO! and Hollister

This week went by so fast oh my goodness!! And I've already been out for two months today. I can't believe it. Sometimes I can't believe I'm really here and that I'm a missionary. Like I'll see our Elders walking down the street and I'm like oh my gosh missionaries! And then I'm like oh yeah, I'm a missionary too. Its the best feeling. I love being a missionary!!

So I'm getting more adjusted to everything here now. Washing my clothes today didn't kill my knuckles! Its all in the technic (ps I can't spell anymore because this language is frying my brain so, sorry) Sister Cruz is teaching me how to cook! Oh and if anyone of you want to send me some yummy, easy recipes I would totally love it!! The people here are so easy to love. They're so kind and happy. And if you guys are wondering what happened to hollister, it over took the Philippines. They love Hollister here! haha and counter strike. Like I email in this public computer lab and all I hear in the back ground is "fire in the hole" oh it brings back memories! This weather is a lot more rainy this week. And it gives a whole new meaning to when it rains it pours. Like sometimes we have to walk in puddles up to our knees! But I love hearing the soft rain on the tin roofs during lessons. Its the best(: roosters aren't the best though. Like we'll be in the middle of a very spiritual lesson and then a rooster goes COCK A DOODLE DOOO and like ruins the whole thing, for me, its normal for everyone else. Jesus said love everyone but I just can't get myself to love these roosters. 

We have so many people to teach here. Like I thought I got to know all them and their names and everything and then we plan for this week and its a whole new batch of investigators! I'm so grateful for it though!! We can just do out thing and teach(: no worries about trying to find all the time! Sister Mercy and Miles were baptized this Saturday!! Mercy grew so much just in the time that I was there to help teach her. Her testimony about the restoration is so solid! I love it. Her conversion to the church is helping her mom reactivate too so its like double the reward! We also teach a family that has been recently converted and they are so strong and wonderful! And so funny too! They like to make me eat all these Filipino foods and watch very closely how I eat everything and then laugh because it is so different. They use spoons as knifes here! Haha the children here are like my favorite ever!! They're so sweet and loving. Whenever they see Sister Cruz and I they run to us to shake our hands. I'm now known as Siser Taylor Swift Schimbeck. Literally everyone calls me that. Haha 

I grow so much everyday here and learn something new about the gospel everyday. Serving a mission is the best decision I've ever made. I don't know how many times I've said that already but it is so true. I still struggle very much with the language but just teaching this gospel and bringing its light into these peoples lives makes it all worth it! Alma 26:16 awesome scripture! My favorite of the week. Can not say the smallest part which I feel, all the glory goes to God! This is His work and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. I love being a missionary!!

Sister Schimbeck

Philippines Bacolod Mission
Galo St. between Lacson & Mabini
Brgy. 22, Bacolod City
6100 Negros Occidental Philippines
(for those of you that have been asking for my address I finally got it!) 

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