Sunday, August 17, 2014

Welcome to the Philippines!

I have so much to tell all you that still actually read this email!! Haha okay so when we got here we stayed in the Philippines MTC for five days (Friday-Tuesday) this MTC was so much more different than Provo! It was hard adjusting to the time and weather change too. I'm always sweaty and sticky here. Its the best (nacho libre voice) so yeah kind o a miserable time. Also Manila, where the MTC is, is so different from Bacolod!! Well I'm serving in Sagay at the moment. Manila was very dirty and crowed and like not at all what I was expecting when I imagined the Philippines. Luckily Sagay is though(: so beautiful!!! Okay so the driving in Manila is crazy. They have no traffic laws and jaywalking is okay. So yeah its nuts. There are no accidents though because there are no women drivers. It should be like that everywhere I think. 

So in the MTC we learned about that Philippines and I want to share some stuff I thought was cool. There are over 170 languages here. And it is the third largest English speaking country (good for me) they are the text messaging capital of the world. Yeah its true too. They text all the time. I saw a cop driving and texting. They are very social and love to eat. I finally know why I was called here, I'm social and love to eat, match made in heaven! Haha but Flipinos are so fun! They have lots of sass when they talk like its hilarious! They also love Americans. Like really love them. I will never get sick of hearing "hello beautiful american" or "you're so pretty" because as some of you guessed my hair and this humidity don't mix well. I look like a troll. And I don't wear make up because I'll just sweat it off. So even when I'm feeling so ugly their nice compliments just make my day(: I get asked if they can have my picture all the time too because they think I look like Taylor Swift or Brave. Oh I love these people!! 

My kaupod is a Filipina and she is so sweet!!! I just adore her. She is so patient with my learning the language. And is such a great teacher. I'm learning so much from her. Its been a culture shock being here though. Everything is different. I shower with a bucket (its freezing cold water which you think would feel good because its so hot but it feels the same as showering with cold water there, cold and no fun),
I wash my clothes by hand (my knuckles are literally rubbed raw, it hurts so bad!) I have to try and cook with this foreign food (this is thee absolute hardest part about the mission for me, I don't know how to cook) crazy bugs and animals running around everywhere (there are geckos all over the walls and ants on the ground and chickens running through lessons) and obviously the language (I can't understand them, I think I learned the wrong language in the MTC) Its so hard learning this language because when I try to speak it instead of helping me and correcting me they're just like 'Sister we can understand English' so yeah its hard. 

A mission is the hardest thing I've ever done. Ever. But it is the best thing I've ever done too. I can't even explain it. I love these people and this place and I'm so blessed to have been called to serve here! I grow so much everyday in the gospel. I love that I get to strength my relationship with God everyday and get to know Him better. I love seeing the atonement everyday in my life. He is truly watching over us and helping us in everything we. "Every true strength is gained in a struggle" He wouldn't give us the trials we couldn't overcome and through the atonement and His help they will make us stronger. I feel it everyday being here! Ether 12:27 he will make weak things become strong. This verse has comforted me so much these past few days!! I just love the scriptures!! And I love you all! I'm sorry I can't email you all back!  

Love, Sister Schimbeck

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