Friday, August 1, 2014

Leadership & Flight Plans!

Hello everyone!! 

Exciting week this week. We got out flight plans!! YAY! I'm leaving Thursday:D like its so exciting and scary all at the same time! So on Sunday my companion and I were made Sister leaders and we're going to get released tomorrow but it has been such a cool experience!! We have grown so close as a companionship its crazy! This leadership position has been such a blessing for my last full week here. 

The language is still crazy hard for me. But I was reading in Ether 12:27 and it talks about how God will make our weakness strong and wow I can't wait for that! Its gonna be pretty scary when I get to the Philippines. We've had skype lesson with Filipinos and they talk so fast!! I can't understand them. Oh this is going to be like the craziest time I can't wait(: 

Teaching is like that funnest thing ever!! And our teacher that we teach as an investigator says that we do so well!! At least I've got this going for me. He told us he is pleased with our diligence. How nice huh? 

Our Tuesday devotional was the bomb!! John Groberg spoke to us. You know the other side of Heaven guy!!! It was so cool! He talked about how we bear our testimonies by the examples we are, what we do and say and how we act and even how we pray! Prayer is a testimony that we know Christ lives! Have you ever thought about that? Cause I hadn't! 

I love this work so much and the person I am becoming by it! I can't wait to get to the Philippines and get to the real work!! Alma 26:12 I love being a missionary!!

Sister Schimbeck

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