Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Maaung aga! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Mauna aga and Happy Thanksgiving! Well Thanksgiving is over in America but we are still having Thanksgiving here in the Philippines. They actually don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but its because they are so thankful everyday. They are the most humble and thankful people I know. I have been forever humbled and changed because of these people. I'm so grateful I was assigned in Bacolod to serve, the big guy up stairs really knows what He's doing.
These little kids go crazy overtime we walk by, they yell
"SEESTERS" and then attack us with hugs and kisses.
I love being a missionary.

This week we had our zone conference and we got to train on humility, Heavenly Father is trying to teach me something here I think. There were three zones, 70 missionaries and I was so nervous. But guys, I don't throw up like last time!! Baby steps. It was a great meeting! Sister Loveday our senior sister worked with us! I was so nervous cause she only speaks and understands English, but it was so great! They all loved her and she loved it too(: She's like my lola of the mission and we're going to be best friends when she gets home(:
Sister Loveday with the Sabadisto Family! And yes that is
their home, its about the size of a walk in closet.

So this week Sister Bornes was supposed to be baptized but a lot of stuff happened and it didn't go down. My heart literally broke and I got super discouraged. But cge lng, we won't dwell on it because later that week I read in Acts 9:16, "For I will shew him how great things he must suffer for my names sake" Or when I read it "For I will shew Sister Schimbeck how great things she must suffer for my names sake." The apostles suffered so much when they preached the gospel, even death. So when I read that I just was like 'hey people aren't trying to kill me so I can do this.' Trials only make us stronger. But when we suffer it for the sake of preaching the gospel, Heavenly Father has got our backs(: I love being a missionary no matter how heart breaking it can be cause 'when you give your whole heart to inviting others to come unto Christ, your heart will change' <3 The gospel is so true! Halong and stay fresh!!

Part of Mom and Dads letter:

I totally forgot it was Thanksgiving!! I'm glad it was a good time and lots of good food(: I would've celebrated but I totally forgot. But we were still very thankful. Always thankful. Yesterday we visited an investigator and I was kind of annoyed because she didn't come to church again. But when she finally opened up to us she has so many problems. Her husband brings home 40 pesos (that's not even one dollar) everyday to support their family of 7. So she couldn't come to church because she had to go out and find money so she could feed her children.
This is that family that I just told you about, look at those smiles
(: They are and inspiration for me.
No matter what our situation is, keep smiling.
I just cried for her and bore testimony of the gospel and how perfect it is. We have plans now to help them out but at that time it just hit me so hard that they are so poor here. I am forever humbled because of the experiences I've had. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here because they are thankful everyday. I know Heavenly Father loves his children in the Philippines so much, I can't even think about leaving them. But I know He will always take care of them(: it was a great week of realizations.

At the ruins

Only in the Philppines.
Toto and Nonoys cock fighting stadium!! Hahhaaha

I love finding notes that dad left for me(:

Yeah my hair dyed! Hahaha a member said that in English when he saw my hair!
"Oh sister you hair died!" They kinda hate me for it because now I'm not Taylor Swift lol

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