Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Making a Difference

Hi guys. This week was nothing extraordinary. But it was just so enjoyable! I've never loved the work more than I do right now! It's just super great(: I just wanna tell you guys a story but before I tell you that story I'm going to tell you another story, a back story. Okay so you guys remember almost one year ago when I got transferred from my first area Sagay? Yeah I remember too, I was so sad! It is my home of the mission. Everything I knew! I prayed like all the time that I would get the chance to go back to Sagay because I've always felt like I never did a good enough job when I was there. I really wanted to go back and make a real difference. I never felt like I made a difference in that area you know? But guess what guys? I got a letter this week(: from Sunshine Pasilan, Sagay first ward(: One of mine and Sister Cruz's baptisms in Sagay. And now I'm gonna tell you guys a little bit of what she wrote to me(: its cute and it made my day(:

"I was a tough investigator, I wasn't actually believing in the two of you at first, but as you kept teaching me my beliefs changed. I realized that all the things that you've been teaching me were right and true. And I couldn't be more grateful to be converted to the truthfulness of the gospel! Thank you sister! You are a part of my changes, because of your patience to wait until I understood it myself and for your help to understand me more, my lost soul is saved!" (Yes, l italicized that part cause it was the answer to all my prayers)  

Isn't that the nicest thing? It brought so much peace to me to know that even if Shine was the only person I was able to influence, that I actually did make a difference(: So that was the story. Where I'm going with this story is: you make a difference! Never think that you aren't good enough! Those thoughts are bad, bad thoughts!! We make a difference in everything we do. We may never realize the difference we've made or it may be one year latter but if we do as we should it will make a difference(: I love being a missionary so much! It is the best work in the world, the gospel is so true! The Book of Mormon is blue and Joseph is the Smith!! Stay fresh!! kbye.

Sister Schimbeck

We went to The Ruins last pday with the Elders! I was so excited to finally go because its the first thing I saw when I searched Bacolod! It was a really cool place. It was a big mansion that they burned during war so the Japanize people couldn't take it over and use it and stuff.

So they had this machine that would squeeze the juice out of sugar cane!
It was the most delicious and sweet juice ever(: 

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