Monday, December 21, 2015

I've Been Dreaming of a White Christmas!!(:

So I just wanna tell you guys, I've never felt the spirit of Christmas more in my life than in a place that not even everyone celebrates Christmas. Weird no? For example, they don't have Christmas lights on their houses or decorations in their homes or big trees with ornaments or even snow.
Merry Christmas! 
Most of them honestly don't even have money to have Christmas gifts so they don't even celebrate the holiday. It just breaks my heart. There is still so much to be thankful for and celebrate! This is the season to remember the birth of Jesus! He is the gift. The members here are the most inspirational people though! They truly get the meaning of Christmas and they just give all they can even when there is not much to give. They know that Jesus is the reason and the gospel is all that matters. I have been forever changed because of these eighteen months that I have spent here.
Yeah there just some random trees on the sea shore, its cool.
I've learned to be grateful in all circumstances and what ever life throws at us we throw back a smile(: The message of the gospel is a message of hope and I know it is all we need in this life to be happy! Welp, have a great Christmas(: And guys! Sister Katrina is going to baptized this Christmas!! I've been dreaming of a white Christmas!!(: Christmas miracles are so real. Stay fresh kbye!

The Pabora kids!! I love these kids so much,
I have adopted them as my own siblings. (I'm bringing them home with me)

FHE with the Bianan Family! Brother Hosea will serve in the San Diego Mission! 

Sister Mael and her adorable kids

Christmas decorations in the Pines!! (coke bottles if you cant tell)

Sometimes I just get so tired and I fall asleep writing in my journal, and then Sister G has to document it lol

Happy Christmas! They only have small Christmas trees here,
I haven't seen a big one yet!
It reminded me of us that one year that we had a small Christmas tree when we lived in the shed.

The flash got us by surprise! 

We were just newly baptized into the buga-buga tribe.

FHE with the Pahayahay Family and ward missionaries! 

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