Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why We Put Lights on Christmas Trees

Hello! So this week was just a wonderful week(: We had the baptism of Sister Bernaflor Bornes! When I first meet Sister Bernaflor I was so scared of her haha! She was short tempered and yelled at her kids when we were there and just a very serious woman.

Baptism of Sister Bornes
Although as we continued to visit this family she started to change. She is very patient now with her children, she expresses her love for them and doesn't yell anymore (well not as much cause you know, kids) The spirit is most definitely abiding in that home. Oh and she smiles and laughs at my jokes now(: She has been soften by the love of God. The gospel truly changes people for the better. Guys, she bore the most powerful testimony after her baptism. I shed some tears. Sister Bornes is an incredible woman! Her husband is a long time inactive that is starting to come back because of her example! The gospel is so true!

I really enjoyed the Christmas Devotional yesterday (were late to watch it cause we're a day ahead in time) Oh it rocked my world! I love David A Bednar and Dieter F Uchdorf! What really hit me is how they all talked about the light Jesus Christ brings into the world! He is the light and life of the world. I love all the signs he pointed out about Chirst, two days of light when he was born, three days of darkness when he died.
Now in our day we put lights on our houses and on Christmas trees, in symbolism to His light. I never realized it(: It's beautiful. All light is from Jesus Christ, He came to be our light and He will always be that light because He lives and He loves us so much. What a wonderful season(: I love the pass along cards we have 'A Savior Is Born'. People see that light in us and feel it from our message(: We're so loved!! I love our Savior and the light He gives. I love the gospel! Stay fresh!

These are carts the carabaos use to carry sugar cane and
carabaos are very hard working animals so obviously we were being carabaos(: hahaha

Nanay Mary! She had a stroke and can't go to church.
She is the cutest thing and she loves when we go and sing to her(:
even if my voice is awful.

This guy was singing a native filipino song as he rowed down the river, I just had to get a picture(:

FHE with the Onate Family. They were just sealed in the temple this year!

Bernaflor with two of her kids that come to church 
with her every Sunday
Baptism of Sister Bernaflor Bornes(:

Sister Loveday! I Loveher! 

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