Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Transfer Day?

Transfer day! We didn't get a transfer call(: Sister Guanzon is going to kill me!! We're excited! So yeah this week was a good week and a sad week kinda. For three days Sister Guanzon was sick. So that was the sad part. But the good part is every other thing that happened(: Our meetings were so great this week! I love MLC. Its my favorite being with lots of missionaries at meetings cause the spirit is just so strong, unlike anything I've felt.
-Bacolod North Zone!! I love this zone haha 
Then our at our zone training me and Sister Pomee trained about The Good Shepherd you know the story from John 10. Its my favorite. Like it helps us to really understand how much He really does love us. He was willing to lay down His life for His sheep. I think thats the part that just gets me every time. He literally gave his life for us, no man could kill Him but He laid it down for us. He wears his love on His palms.

Story Time!! Okay so this week we got a referral from our zone leaders to go find Katrina cause she listened to them and she really wants missionaries to visit her.
-The most guapa and guapo ZLs and STLs of Bacolod mission.
But we didn't make it any priority to go find her cause we've received those kinds of texts before "they're so golden!" "they're so interested, baptize them!" but then you go out to find them with a hopefully heart you just to find that they actually aren't 'golden' or 'interested' they just hide. But we were punted one day so were like okay lets go find Katrina. But guys this time it was so different! She didn't hide!! She let us into her house and she was so happy! She's been waiting for missionaries to come to her house for three years! She has read the Book of Mormon and is just so prepared!! Heavenly Father is aware of us. He loves us so much! I love being a missionary guys! Its the most joyful work in the world! Yup. Bye stay fresh!!

Sister Schimbeck

Talisay Ward missionaries and Elder Pigao creepin.

Sister Read and Pomee and Sister Tangonan in the back!!
Hahah my STLs. Theres 4 of us to a zone usually theres only 2 so yeah but its fun(:

Sister Schultz! I love her so much. Her first area was Santa Fe and we were in the same ward.
President Barredo made that comment that she is going straight to the celestial kingdom
ahahah cause she is the sweetest thing!! 

-Flash back to Santa Fe!! It was so great to see them again(:

Baby Chick that they colored yellow! Cute huh?

Jhared wearing his tie from the Jones Family!!
He was so excited when I gave it to him don't let his frowning face fool you! 

Simple Swag. The Pines just gets it. 

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