Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy All Saints Day!

Trisikad ride! They are the worst
cause theres no shocks so every bump kills your butt
and you hit your head on the roof haha
Hi guys! This week was just good. The Lord is so aware of his missionaries and the prayers for them. So I told you guys these people of Talisay are different than your average Filipinos, but I still love them! So you guys just celebrated Haloween in your american way. Watching scary movies and having parties and going to haunted houses and trick-or-treating and all that Halloween stuff. But here in the Philippines they don't celebrate Halloween, its all about All Souls Day.
Proselyting in the cemetery! 
They spend the whole day at the cemetery with their loved ones that have passed away and then they go house to house dressed up (kind of they just have their faces painted) with plates saying 'mangalag ngalag kami' or 'we're ghosts' and then they put food on their plates. Isn't that cute? I love this place more and more everyday! I love serving the people here. I'm so blessed to be a missionary in Bacolod. I know the gospel is true! K bye stay fresh!

We're close to the beach in Talisay so they have lots of shells that they go and find
 and then they come home and crack these all open and then cook the stuff inside and sell it! 

I just thought I had a great photographers eye for this shot. hahah(:

FHE with the Sabisto family and Mael and ward missionaries(:

These OYM texts just get better and better hahaa(:

Before going out to work! We love pictures.

-'drink and be merry' for tomorrow we die! Hahahah

I love Sister Guanzon!

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