Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Joseph do you have a bathroom?"

So I opened up my parents email this morning to pictures of seven inches of snow. I repented for every time I complained of it being so hot here. So yeah you guys take care there and I'll enjoy the heat and humidity of the Philippines(: This week was just like a super normal week. I don't feel like I have anything to tell you guys, maybe just some memorable experiences I had this week!
I just really love walking up to the Pabora house
cause of this sketchy bridge, its exhilarating. 

So me and Sister Guanzon went on splits this week! And me and my kaupod went to an area that is pretty far away and pretty poor. And I had to go pee so bad like I was gonna pee my pants guys I swear (I think my bladder is weakening from always holding my pee) so we go to a members house, Joseph (he just got home from his mission so keep in mind he knows foreigners and stuff) and I was like "Joseph do you have a bathroom?" (you have to ask cause sometimes they don't have a bathroom) and he was like "well, kinda..." and I was just like what does that even mean kinda? So then I was just like "its okay, bisan ano, I've just gotta pee."
This is Divine and we like to take pictures! 
So I enter the 'bathroom' and its a bamboo porch over looking the river and high way in the distance and then the 'toilet' is a bucket. Yes you read that right, a bucket, a blue, little bucket! I was just like okay I'm already here so lets go! And when I was done and came back out they couldn't stop laughing! I guess its not normal for foreigners, they'll usually just be like its okay I can hold it. So yeah even sixteen months in the Philippines and I still have new experiences(: It was a blast. Sister Guanzon and I have been talking in English at the apartment cause she wants to be fluent, so I was like okay I'm down but guys I may be able to type to you in English but when I try to speak it, its hard. She's asked this week about meanings of words and expressions in English like what does "once upon a time" mean? And when to use understand and understood? What does dangit mean? English is really hard guys, I don't know how to explain our language. I just say its okay sister just follow the spirit. ahaha(:

We had Stake Conference this week and Elder Pangan of the seventy spoke to us! He was so funny and spiritual! I really loved his fable about the pig and the chicken. Okay so there was a man and he was really hungry, like he was going to die of hunger. So the chicken is like "pig lets cook him a really nice breakfast! A big big breakfast so he won't starve!" And pig was like "yeah lets help him!" And chicken was like "okay so we'll cook him eggs and ham!"......Let that sink in EGGS and HAM.
Faith and Ronwell came to visit me again!
They brought me brownies too. I love them so much!! 
The pig was like okay so this is just a half commitment from you chicken but it will be a total commitment from me. The moral I got from this fable is we can't be just half committed to our missions, or guess if we aren't missionaries, we can't be half committed to the gospel. We have to be totally committed. We've got to be pigs!! I know when we commit ourselves to Heavenly Father, He will bless us. We may not see it instantly but the blessings will be eternal! I love being a missionary so much and I love the gospel, its so true!! yup. Stay Fresh!!

Sister Lorde, Taylor Swift, Schimbeck

So we bought comfy sweats last pday and then I showed her my yoga moves I learned from drill team and she thought it was so cool!! So we took pictures(: I love Sister Guanzon so much! 

Happy Birthday Donesa! She is so funny(:

Happy Birthday Kian!! He is so cute(:

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