Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"I desire to dwell among this people for a time..."

Maaung aga brothers and sisters! This week was just so full of wonderful blessings and tender mercies(: I went on exchanges and I love exchanges but this time when I came home I was sick because of all the travels (tricycle rides are brutal guys) it was all those awful feelings from the cold, head and body aches, stuffy nose, and just super tired so you could say I wasn't too excited to work.
-I love my area(:
But I'm here to work so I went out everyday feeling like death and I just was numbed. Like I could work all day and I felt great! But then I'd come home at night and feel like death again until the morning again but guess what when I got out to work, IT GOES AWAY! The atonement is so real I testify. I felt succored and lifted up by the atonement of Jesus Christ. We're so blessed as missionaries! So many miracles we get to witness everyday! We have an investigator, Sister Mael, and she is awesome! We're just getting her birth certificate to be fixed so she can get married. She always shares from her Book of Mormon reading when we visit and she made her own quote for Mosiah 7:33 "A complete heart is sensitive to Gods will and motivated by a strong desire to serve Him obediently" Te isn't she awesome?!
Service for Nanay Donesa. She's really old.
I love Sister Guazon cause she makes sure we always
get pictures of whatever we are doing! 
I love that quote. I feel like my heart has had this change that Mael described. I'm so thankful I was called to serve here in the Bacolod mission, Talisay area. I love being a missionary so much. Ammon described exactly how I feel in Alma 17:23 "I desire to dwell among this people for a time; yea, and perhaps until the day I die." I know he felt that way because of the joy he felt from this work! The gospel is so true! yup. K stay fresh bye!!

Sister Schimbeck

These little boys made trucks! Aren't they so cute?

Sometime they put their drinks in bags! hhaha(:

Lemurs Birthday! He's 2.
We gave him a balloon and this coloring book that Lola Sommer sent to me.
It meant so much to them <3

FHE with the Dolorfino Family! This little pose is called Filipino style! hahah(:

Nanay Romero! She is turning 89 this coming May.
She tells us that at least 5 times every visit.
Shes a little forgetful and always repeats herself!
and we always have to sing God our Father Hear us Pray every visit(: haha

I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna baptize you.

I like boats.

Talisay Missionaries! 

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