Monday, October 19, 2015


Hello, hi, hey. So this week just went by so fast! It really freaks me out how fast time goes by. But I'm just so thankful for Sister Quanzon guys, she is just the companion I need right now. In every way possible. We have fun together too!! She told me this week
-Typhoon Lando!! The wind and waves were crazy! 
"I feel like I'm with a celebrity when we're out proselyting and it makes me feel like a celebrity too!" haha(: I'm her first american companion so t's different for her haha. But really almost every day someone has asked me if they can take a picture with me, someone kissed me (its a long story but its not what it sounds like I promise) and then one of our investigators collects my hair fall I leave at his house (guys I'm going to come home bald :/ ) So yeah its just so much different here in Talisay! Haha but I love it here, it feels like Sagay(:

So I want to share with you all this awesome article I read in the Liahona. It rocked my missionary world. So its by Dieter F Uchtdorf  first off so you know its good. And its about this relay race called lampadermia and the prize is not the fastest to finish but who ever reaches the finish with their torch still lit. And I was like oh boy is this talk for me. Everyone keeps telling me "Sister Schimbeck your close to the end now, sprint to the finish!"
-FHE with the Pabora family(: 
Yeah. So when I read this talk it doesn't matter if I sprint to the finish its still coming on the same date, if I walk or if I sprint. "While it is important to start the race, it is even more important that we finish with our torch still lit." That's what I love about this race its not a sprint, its a marathon. "Its human nature to stumble, fail and sometimes want to drop out of the race. But as disciples of Jesus Christ, we have committed not only to begin the race but also to finish it- and finish it with our torch still burning brightly." This wasn't written for missionaries but I felt like it was. We commit to this 18 month race and we got to finish it, with that torch! Ah I love it. And what I realized at the end of this talk is that the torch isn't even about me or what I do these 18 months. Its about my Savior. He is the torch, He is the light and life of the world!! And He is the light and life of my world so yeah Dieter F Uchtdorf is the man.
We have so many sketchy bridges in Talisay,
I actually broke through this bridge after I took this picture..
I love being a missionary and I love this race! Yup. Stay Fresh guysh!!

Sister Swift

Pictures of my house cause I know you like to see. I really like this house! The bathroom is the tinniest bathroom I have seen my whole mission but its still got a shower head so its okay, Its just weird showering cause its literally right next to the door. Haha so I'm not as excited about bunk beds as I was back in the day, thats why I'm on the bottom(: hehe yeah its just a cute house huh?

Hahah the wind is actually really crazy right now!!
I feel like I'm in Enterprise again

The wind was so crazy by the beach!!!

Our OYMs don't always reply to our txt but when they do its always funny,
Yes Nonoy, we all love Jesus!! 

We ate dinner to celebrate Elder Dalay's birthday!
He is in his training right now so he deserved it haha

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