Monday, July 27, 2015

"ambot?" "I don't know"

Maaung gabi sa inyo!! So I realized that I always say Good Morning but its night time there so Good Evening! But we also don't say good evening in America so that was probably is just weird. Anyways, super great week this week! Sister Cansanay is killing it. Like she's training me, I'm not training her. She has so much knowledge of missionary work, from when she was ward missionary in her home ward, that she has brought to our ward! Like I didn't even know what a ward council was before my mission.
Riding a tricycle to our really far area! 
 So teaching her Hiligaynon is always an adventure like this week she asked me what 'ambot' means (Hiligaynon for I don't know) and I'd tell her I don't know and then she'd look at me like she was waiting for more but I thought I answered her question so I just continue doing my thing and then a little later she asks me "Sister whats ambot?" "I don't know" and this went on for the rest of the day until I finally figured out that she just thought I didn't know what ambot meant! She has so much patience with me hahaha!
Here's me with a cute little lamb or goat or something
I don't really know?

This week an investigator we're teaching, Sister Melissa, shared with us how her BOM reading was in between our visits and she shared Moroni 7:29-31, "have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of prepare the way among the children of men, by declaring the word of Christ unto the chosen vessels of the Lord." She got choked up after she read these verses to us and all she could get out was that we were her angels sent to minister to her and she was so thankful.
-FHE at the Melgar home!
They're basically Schimbeck's so I feel right at home(:
You can bet I cried, cause I'm an emotional baby. I know that Melissa is a 'choosen vessel' she has accepted our message and Jesus Christ in her life and now her life has been changed. Miracles do not cease, they'e so real. I love this opportunity to minister to these people, its such a joy! I know we are only instruments in the Lords hands as we witness His work. I'll cherish that beautiful moment forever. I love being a missionary!! Halong kmu! Stay Fresh!
-Sister Cansanay last pday when we were waiting at Ceneco. Its worse than the DMV. 

-Me and Justin showing of our swag.

This is Justin, he is my favorite ever!! 

Me and Justin.
He just reminds me so much of Orianna!! Hahah 

Heres a super bad picture of our family home evening with the Melgar Family!!
They remind me of Schimbeck's I love them(:

-Rule number 32 'enjoy the little things'. Angelika gets it.

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