Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hi guys. So my new companion is Sister Cansanay from Laguna!! She's 23 years old and just the cutest thing. I love her so much already. Like I now get why when you're training the trainee is your 'anak' (or 'child' in English) because if I had a child I would love them like I love Sister Cansanay.
Me and Sister Cansanay(: 
She is straight Tagalog speaking and couldn't understand one word these people were speaking to her. Its actually really funny cause they talk to her and then she'll just look to me and I answer them, they're like what the heck the american is the one who understands? Its funny but you know I've been so blessed as a trainer because Sister Cansanay is the best trainee. She is learning the language so fast, is already great at teaching, and is such a hard worker! I can truly say that I love training, its hard but I still love it(: Its such an adventure. Like we came home Thursday and we didn't have power, no lights, no electric fan, yeah.. (until now we still don't have power, its a long story) We about burned our eye brows off cooking adobo chicken haha (neither of us really know how to cook) Sister Cansanay has such a bright, burning spirit and I know we are going to start seeing miracles here in Sum-ag.
Sister Camo my temporary companion while
I was waiting for Sister Cansanay! I really loved her. 
Yeah that's all I got for you this week. Just all about my new kaupod, haha sorry I promise the work is great here too, we're in the process of finding new investigators! And we'll have some baptisms this August(: I know they will happen too, we have faith(: I know anything is possible when we have faith in Christ. When we just put all our trust in Him, forget about what we want to happen and how we think we can make it happen, He will make it happen! I love being a missionary so much! Kbye halong kamo! Stay fresh!
My muddy feet!
Back when we were walking through floods everyday! 

Sister Tatireta a our last MLC! The burgers they had were so huge!! 

Me and Elder Kim! He's my batch and we're best friends.
 He's wearing my Sister Schimbeck nametag
in Hiligaynon because he wants to be me. 

Bacolod South Zone! The cutest zone in all of Bacolod. 

Guava! I thought it was going to be the most delicious fruit,
but I threw it after I took this picture.
 It doesn't taste as good as it smells is the soaps and perfumes.

Joevelyn Qumibo when she came to visit me!!! 

Our area has lots of rice fields(: my favorite 

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