Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A little Music Will Bring the Spirit

Why did the woman go outside with her purse open? Because she expected a change in the weather. Whats the difference between weather and climate? You can't weather a tree but you can climate. hehehe(: maaung udto!! So these are just some jokes a ward missionary told me when I received the call that I would be training this cycle. Yeah. I'm kinda nervous. The mission just never can be easy. Its always just getting harder and harder. I don't who I'm training yet so you'll get to find out next week(: yay!

So last week was possibly the hardest week of my mission. Me and Sister Tatireta just hit a slump. We had no idea what was wrong! We got punted all day everyday. No one wanted to listen to us, our investigators, recent converts, less actives, no one (like in the city people are always so busy). Usually people are like oh this white girl knows how to speak Hiligaynon I'll listen to what she has to say but this week Satan was really working against us. That guy. We also had our MLC and zone training. It was all about the spirit. It was so perfect. I now feel like it was preparing me for this step in becoming a trainer. I know its the spirit that will train this missionary, not me. I'm nothing without the spirit. Like this week for example, we met a less active. He was baptized in 2013 then moved to the Christian church in 2014 and is now the assistant to the preacher. And he didn't really want to listen to us, he wanted to argue with us. But I'm not about that life. So we just sang for him, the power house, I am a Child of God. I've never seen the spirit hit someone so strong. He got the chills and cried. He told us "this feeling is why I joined your church. But I don't feel it anymore." ah I know this church is true, with all my heart. The spirit is the love from God that brings so many people to the truth and I get to witness it everyday(: I love being a missionary so much!! Halong kmu! Stay Fresh.

Sister Schimbeck

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