Monday, March 2, 2015

Schimbeck Holiday

Hello everyone! So this week so wonderful. We had Zone Conference and Stake Conference so like my spirit was just so happy(: the trainings we have as missionaries really save me, I always learn new things and I'm always reminded of things I forget.

Like at zone conference we were combined with another zone so we had trainings from 4 STL's and 4 ZL's and our AP's. So powerful. They trained us on commandments and Christlike attributes. And like they go together so perfectly. We have commandments to develop those Christlike attributes! Cause like who doesn't want to be like Jesus? Yeah everyone does. And its so possible! Amat-amat we can become more like Him! (Oh amat-amat is gradually)

And Stake Conference was just the best. We had Elder Larry Echo Hawk of the Philippines Area Presidency there to speak to us! Those quorum of the seventy members are so powerful!! He talked about so much but one thing that he brought up several times was Prophets. He really emphasized on following the Prophets council. I was also reading last night in the November issue of the Liahona, the General Conference issue and there were two talks in a row about sustaining the Prophet and amo man how important it is to follow their council!!! I've really gained a testimony of Prophets here on my mission. Like their words are straight from Heaven. Their words of caution are from someone who knows way more than we do! I was thinking and its just like a school teacher right? We have school teachers to help us pass our tests. We listen to and apply what they teach to pass the final test. Prophets are teaching us what we need to know so we can pass this test here on earth. Oh its so cool! And like in 2 Cor 4:18 "what we see will last only a short time but what we cannot see will last forever" our teachers are so good at helping us prepare for the future. Our Prophets doing that too, they are helping us to see past this short time here to what will last forever, after our test. I'm know there are great things in store for us if we just keep the commandments, follow the words of our Prophets and Apostles and develop Christlike attributes! And its available to us all(:K I love being a missionary and I love you and I love this gospel and I love Thomas S Monson. Stay Fresh!

Sister Schimbeck

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