Monday, March 16, 2015

A Little Q&A

This week for some reason Sister Schimbeck didn't send her normal weekly email, but she did answer some questions asked by her Mom and Dad.

Q:  So what is this area like that you're in?

A:  It is really different actually because it has lots of different types of areas.
Some areas like subdivision are very nice and its like real houses and then we have some areas that are very poor and just little shacks for homes. The area its self is really cool! Because its the city and then its not at the same time.

Q:  Do you get fed by families every night?

A:  Yes. We are basically fed dinner every night. My companion is very diligent in setting those appointments up. I'm getting so fat here.

Q: Do you have favorite families that you get to hang out with?

A:  We used to in our old area. All the time just hang out at their houses. It drove me nuts to be honest. I'm not here to 'hang out' its not fulfilling my purpose either. I really love these people here though don't get me wrong!

Q:  Do you have to speak very often in church?

A:  Yeah. Almost every other week we end up having to be one of the speakers either in the main ward or our special sacrament group.

Q:  Something really cool about that Philippines?

A:  Well I just think its the coolest thing that they are the happiest people in the world and they have like every reason not to be. I think its why they're so accepting to the gospel. Their faith in Jesus Christ in unbelievable. They inspire me. And also that they don't have traffic laws. Like literally every driver here is that one meat head driver who cuts you off that you just hate. Like I heard they are low in their accidents per year and stuff. Thats cool for me. Rice fields are cool!! Sunsets are cool! Stolen shots are cool! Loygoy is cool.

-Me and Sister Kumar. We were companions for 2 days this week! While she was waiting to get her new companion. She is Indian but raised in Fiji. She was the coolest person ever.

 I miss you like crazy, I straight up cried when I found this note from you in my sticky notes!

-I was so excited to finally see rice fields!! So pretty(:
More rice fields

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