Sunday, March 29, 2015

By his Grace

Hello everyone! So this week went by so fast! Time is crazy. The days are slow but the weeks are fast. Lots of tender mercies this week. Edwin and Rolly have stopped their vices and came to church and are really just having so much change in their hearts(: its beautiful to watch the gospel and knowledge of our Savior just melt their hearts!! I feel like its all because of this wonderful time of the year too.
Everyone here just has such strong belief in Jesus Christ. So last week I was obsessed with the enabling power of the atonement. This week it was grace. Grace is so cool. Its literally saves us. All we have to do is decide where we want to be when the time comes that we are judged. Its so amazing the love our Savior has for us. Its not even comprehensible. (I think thats that right word)
Well I love this time to serve my Savior and show my love for Him through this work! I love being a missionary so much! Bye stay fresh.


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