Sunday, November 23, 2014

I found Gary, Played in the Rain, Rode a Carabao, and RATS!

Maayong aga tanan. I don't even know where to start. This week was kinda just an adventure the whole time. Being a missionary is so fun! Like I've never had so much fun and been so happy in my life. Legit. Like I got to ride a carabao, eat fried bananas, play in the rain, and I FOUND GARY!!!(he's been hiding from me outside)
Sister Schimbeck riding a carabao
Oh but guys I almost forgot, so its raining you know and I'm just enjoying myself in the rain and was telling Julan and Sister Molejon how fun being a missionary is and then a rat ran right across my feet!! It was so traumatizing. It was the heaviest rat ever and its little claws and tail were so cold! Ew. But anyways every week I'm here I just fall more in love with the Philippines and the people(:

Eating fried banana (Jacey didn't tell us this little cutie's name) 

So we're in the finding process right now. Its so hard. We're teaching a man that is like a freak with the bible, has the whole thing memorized! He also reads a King James version so we can use the footnotes to take him to the Book of Mormon and oh its so fun. I love this verse I found in my personal study. "But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them. Unto men this is impossible: but with Go all things are possible." Matt 19:26. I really love the bible. And this gospel. Its so true. It comforts me in the most needed times. I wish I would've been converted to the gospel sooner so I could've felt this joy always!! Oh but I have it now and I have the opportunity to help others experience conversion too(: I love being a missionary! Halong kamo! Palangga ko kamo!

Sister Schimbeck

Selfies from the Computer Cafe

More Selfies....

.....Even more
Heres a papaya. It was not delicious. 

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