Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm a real missionary now!

So I'm officially done with my training, just a normal missionary now! And we also had transfers so I'm leading my area. Its chill. We got the call last night now its all new. I kinda was freaking out a little bit. But it will be okay because I have my Heaven Father to watch over me and my new companion is Sister Molejon, she is so sweet!! She is 27 and has been out for 11 months, she is so great(: oh and three of my batch mates are in my zone now too so that's kinda fun(: Okay. Guys, they don't celebrate Halloween here. I carried around candy with me to give out to the kids but none of them were dressed up or anything :/ I mean they would still take the candy but it wasn't the same, they wouldn't even say trick or treat to me.
Sagay Zone Oct. 2014
President Lopez With Sister Schimbeck
and other Sisters from Sagay Zone
 We had zone conference Tuesday and it was so great. I have the bestest most wise mission President. He is perfectly funny and spiritual at the same time. He makes my spirit so happy! So it rained like really hard this week for two days straight and I guess its because there was a typhoon. It was supposed to hit us but went right around us. Heavenly Father is truly looking over us! I can see His hand in my life and the lives in my investigators more and more everyday! I'm so thankful for this time to be a missionary for Him
and be apart of His amazing work! I love being a missionary and I love you all! Keep it real!
Good bye Sister Cruz! Thanks for everything.

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