Thursday, August 27, 2015

"...You Glow..."

Hi guys. This week we had Mission Tour! Elder Bowen from the seventy and the first counselor of the Philippines area came to train us. The power that is with those brethren will always amaze me. He had such a wonderful spirit. He gave us wonderful trainings on mission life and after the mission life. Sometimes I forget that there is life after the mission haha. But it was great(: This Sunday August 23 was the baptism of Mercy Grace(: my first baptism in the field! It feels like it wasn't that long ago but its been a year now.
The Arruz family showing of their CTR rings(: 
Grabe. I love reading from my past journal entries! I'm really funny guys. But I also wrote a lot about how hard it was, not knowing how to speak the language, not understanding anything, walking miles a day. And its still just as hard one year later. Different challenges of course. But isn't that just life? Yeah, life's crazy. Story time, so this week we got on the jeepney to head home and this mother got on with her child and she just stared at me. It used to bug me but now its not a huge deal. So I started a conversation with her because they love that and she was asking me all these questions about what make up I wear ( I don't wear any) what soap I use (safe guard) what vitamins or minerals I take (centrum) and then I was just like Sister why? And she says to me, "you look different than normal people, you glow and I can't figure out why." This lady melts my heart guys. I was sweaty and had some pimples on my face and she told me I was glowing. I know its because of the gospel(: its changed my life.

I want to share with you guys something I learned this week kay? Its cool. So I was reading in Luke 23. Pondering on the Atonement. Jesus shows so much love and obedience to me in this chapter."If thou be Christ, save thyself and us." He most certainly could've saved Himself. But He didn't.
Me and Sister Cansanay taking pictures
 cause she loves pictures, so much. Haha(:
He finished His mission for us. And then He promised those criminals a place in His fathers kingdom! Now this is the cool part that I'm still trying to understand, "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost." Men could not kill our Savior. He literally gave His spirit up to death. For us. Is that not just the most beautiful act of obedience and love? He loves us so much that I can never comprehend it. But I know He lives and because of Him we can return to our Father in Heaven and receive eternal life. I love being a missionary and teaching this truth to all that I meet! Yeah. Stay Fresh guys, bye.

Sister Schimbeck

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