Monday, August 17, 2015

"Open Your Mouth"

Guys, I've been in the Philippines for one year now (sang Friday). I was reading my journal this week, August 2014, when I first got to the mission field. Its so crazy how used to the Philippines I am now. Like remember when I wrote about washing my laundry by hand for like 3 hours? Or the chickens running around during lessons? Oh or about showering with a bucket? Or the noisy sacrament meetings? Yeah, those things don't even phase me anymore. But I'll never get over that we don't have microwaves here.
-We taught some police men! 

So in our mission we're really focusing on OYM (open your mouth). I've never been a fan of OYMing like I'll OYM if they approach me and stuff but usually I'm like nope I've got a schedule to stick to. How wrong was I. We have a purpose as missionaries "to invite others to come unto Christ" when I remembered that I was like Sister Schimbeck how are you going to invite others to come unto Christ if you don't open your mouth and talk with everyone!! That is what makes us a successful missionary, I don't care how many baptisms a person gets on their mission. What matters is we invite everyone to come unto Christ(: Like we have a investigator right now Sister Virgiana who we OYMed and she has been to church two times now and is keeping all her commitments! Heavenly Father is preparing His children for us to find everyday!
-We love mango and graham cracker ice cream!
Funfact: they pronounce graham as gray-ham hahaha(:
She tells us every visit how grateful she is that we found her because now she knows that she can see her husband again (he died). We have such a beautiful message of hope, how could we just keep that to ourselves? I'm so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father is always showing me that if we trust in Him He will guide us! "O Lord, I have trusted in thee, and I will trust in thee forever. I will not put my trust in the arm of flesh.." I love this verse. It helps me remember that we have to forget about ourselves and trust in Him. We will always win if we do! I love being a missionary! Stay Fresh, bye.

Sister Schimbeck
-FHE with some YSA! They are crazy fools.

-Nilupak nga saging. Its banana that they mashed all up with sugar(:
delicious! I thought it was cute on its banana leaf plate(:

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