Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Transfer...Sum-ag in the Bacolod South Zone

Surprise! I got transferred. Yeah this week was just like Alijis back in December. So my companion is going home so we think I'll stay in the area but instead I get pulled out of our area. It was so hard to leave Santa Fe. The people there were so wonderful, I just couldn't say good bye to them! But yeah, I'm in Sum-ag now. With Sister Tatireta!! She is batch when we came to the Philippines! But she will go home a transfer ahead of me (she had to stay an extra week in the MTC because she had ear surgery) She is from Kiripati!! If any of you know where that is or how to pronounce that I'll give you one high five. Haha I'm also a STL (sister training leader) and my STL companion is Sister Molejon!!! (my companion sadto  in Sagay) this transfer is going to be so great!(: I'm so excited to serve in Sum-ag and to serve all the Sisters in Bacolod South Zone(:

Brother Edwin Aleman was baptized on Saturday(: he is so so so so so wonderful. My most favorite ever!! His is a part member. His wife and all his children are less actives. He has never been interested in the church. Missionaries have been teaching him for years and he just wasn't interested, he liked his beer and his cigarettes. But when we found him he was just so touched by the spirit and he was baptized four weeks later(: he stopped his smoking and drinking the week we contacted him!! Each day we visited him you could just see his countenance changing(: He just glowed with the spirit!! Ah I love this work so much! And I love being a missionary!! Bye stay fresh!

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