Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Maayong aga!

Maayong aga! People always say that here when they pass by on the streets and stuff like they they're so nice. They remind me of the Walmart greeters!! (Walmart greeters are the only people in America I know that say good morning to everyone that passes by)
Me and Sister Schults when we went on exchanges. She's so great.
And our ward mission leader brother Roy.
He's also really great.
So this week I was able to watch general conference!! Oh my gosh it was just like Christmas. I love it so much. I love those brethren too. I just know they are called of God, they're so powerful. I glad they continued with the talks in their native languages! I think that's so cool. I'm just waiting for the day they have one in Hiligaynon. I'd flip out. So probably one of my favorite talks was Wilford W. Anderson's, "I can teach you how to dance but you have to hear the music" at first I was just like ano? But then his analogy (I think that's what you call it, analogy?) was so perfect! Like I think it might just maybe be because I'm a dancer but this talk just rocked my world. The steps don't make sense until you can hear the music, until you can feel the music. We learn the steps and we practice the steps over and over but until you have the music it won't take state. The gospel is such beautiful music and when we are dancing with it, life is beautiful too. I love Dieter F. Utchtdorf, he is the man.
-Sister Schults and I hold cute like chicks,
yes they are color green and pink!
The Philippines man.
His talk about grace was so absolutely perfect. "Do we understand our indebtedness to Jesus Christ?" that line hit me so hard. Because we are truly saved by His grace but we are so indebted to our great mediator!! Grace should change us to have the desire to do bad no more, its refines us and helps us become our best selves. "..we're saved by the grace of Christ after all we can do." I love how he switched 'because' for 'after'. Because of all we can do. What a blessing grace is!! I could go on with what I loved but I won't haha(:

And the best part of this week, the baptism of Brother Rolly Ramos
-Baptism of Rolly(: the tall brother next to me!
(: he was the hardest investigator. He's been taught off and on since he was 17 years old (he's 56 now) and he loved learning but he just didn't want to get baptized. We finally shared Alma 9:25-26 and we're like okay brother so whats gonna happen if the second coming is before you get baptized? he knew exactly and 4 weeks later he was baptized(: He's gonna be such a powerful leader someday! I'm so thankful for these priesthood holders in my life! Especially Thomas S. Monson. Words can't describe the love I have for him. I love this work so much, its changing lives. I love being a missionary, its changing me. Bye stay fresh!!

Sister Schimbeck
-The Ditchon Family(: I love them! 

Santa Fe district! 

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