Monday, January 26, 2015

The Power of Prayer!

Hello everyone! Wonderful news! President Lopez is now out of the hospital and improving(: thank you so much for your prayers! The power of prayer is so unbelievably real. I thought everything would be different not really having a mission president but the diligence of the missionaries is so amazing! The Lord is running this work truly! 

I'm so grateful to be assigned here in Bacolod Philippines. I fall more in love every week(: The people are so wonderful. Like the say the funniest stuff. There is one Brother we pass by everyday and he asks us one day "I always see you two together. Are you best friends?" haha they always have such wonderful conversation starters for us to go right into our message for them! 

My STL(Sister Training Leader)
My STL(Sister Training Leader)
(second picture,maybe, basta she's a Filipina though which is my point) she says to me day "I like your voice, you sound like a Disney princess!" I'm taking that as my sign that I'm going to be a princess at Disneyland some day(: but oh these people just make my day everyday! 

Today was transfer day but Sister Arviola and I didn't transfer so we both get to see our seeds start to grow this transfer! We have so many wonderful things about to happen here! The ward is becoming more established and we've even got ward missionaries to help us! We have a marriage and baptism coming up real soon(:
Me with Sister Mariechell(: she will be married and baptized Feb 14(: I'm so excited!!
and another one just a little bit later(: wow the Lord is hastening His work! I love that I get the privilege to be apart of it right now(: I love you all k bye! Stay fresh!
Just my lunch one day that was so very delicious. I love the food here.

So that spider was as big as my hand!!! Ew I freaked out.

Brother vengie with some star fruit! So so sour! haha

Some women doing their laundry in the river(:

The missionaries of Santa Fe ward and a RM sister Wlima

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