Sunday, December 14, 2014

MmmMMmmm Balut....and a Transfer to Santa Fe

Back with Sister Cruz for one week!
Welcome to the Bacolod Philippines mission where every week we have transfers. I was just transferred to Santa Fe today and my new companion is Sister Arviola. She is so funny! We're gonna get along great I think(: and our area is in the City again. Its gonna take time to get used to the city, its so different! I'm really home sick for Sagay but its okay I'll get over it.

Will she do it? Looks excited.
So I was transferred to Alijis last Monday and I was with Sister Cruz again and it was so fun! I thought I was going to have to learn the area in just a week but then they called me yesterday and they pulled the Sisters out of that area and Elders will take it over. The area was pretty great too. We had an investigator that lived in Florida for like 14 years so he had a sweet accent and he was so cool and then when he would speak in Hiligaynon it went away! I want that. Lots of adventures in Alijis. I got to eat the famous balut that everyone has been asking me if I tried yet.
Haha it was crazy. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be either! Like sucking the juice out tasted just like fried chicken!!
Down it goes! MMmmM
And I taught the kids how to have swag. My one week there was pretty great(:

Brother Generoso's Baptism
Brother Generoso was baptized too(: I know I wasn't his missionary but oh I love him! The week I was there and got to see how much he loves this gospel made my love grow even more! So the church is very, very far away from his house and he walked to his baptism!!
He was an hour and a half late, but he was so determined to be baptized! These people make my faith grow everyday! I love this work, I love my Savior and I love being a missionary!! Stay fresh!!

Sister Schimbeck

Jacey with cute Filipino children

Sister Schimbeck

Secret notes from Dad 

The power of prayer is real people!

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