Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas in Zombieland

MERRY CHRISTMAS! So its Christmas soon. I'm so excited(: we just get to proselyte allll day:D I've truly learned the true meaning of Christmas here. These people are so humble and they truly understand the meaning too. Its such a privilege to serve here. I hope you all remember the true meaning of Christmas this week! Because its the best Christmas remembering this for myself(:

So this week here in Santa Fe has been very stressful since neither of us really know the area. It kinda feels like white wash (or at least how I imagine a white wash would be) for all you missionaries and future missionaries, UPDATE YOUR AREA BOOKS!! And do a good job too. Because this is so frustrating. But we have a wonderful ward here! And they all just love missionaries(: being a missionary is the best guys(: So I can really testify that the Lord calls us to this work. Even the areas we are assigned to. The difference I feel between one week in Alijis and Santa Fe is insane. I know I'm supposed to be here in Santa Fe right now with Sister Arviola! She is an amazing missionary! She knows how to really help this ward!

So its different in the city! I have a real shower head in my house!!! :' ) and the water is so much warmer here! Like its still cold, but warmer(: and our house is a box! Its so cute. I love it. so tiny(: so I realized this week that I live in a Zombieland scene. Like we've got a big sign that says NEGROS PROVIDENCE (it looks like the Hollywood sign)
Providence Negros
but its all rusty and creepy and then we have creepy ripped flags flapping around everywhere and its just looks old. Yeah. But other than I feel like I'm going to be murdered when I'm walking home, I really love it here(:

(For we walk by faith, not by sight:) 2 Cor 5:7. Like this verse for two reasons. Because it has a smiley face(: and because its explains perfectly mine and Sister Arviola's week. We had to walk by our faith. Everyday my faith is tested and growing! Oh I love being a missionary(:

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