Monday, October 13, 2014

We Thank thee,O God, For a Prophet...

This week was the longest week of my whole mission cuz GENERAL CONFERENCE!! It was just like Christmas but kind of better because general conference is two days(: I got everything I wanted for general conference. So glorious. So because it was general conference we moved our baptism to this week. Soo really I'm only gonna talk about general conference. It was such a different/amazing experience watching conference as a missionary (not just because I was in Sunday dress watching it at the chapel)

So I don't even know where to begin with conference. It was all so amazing. I did love the talks about the sacrament though! The sacrament is so over looked. It could be the most spiritual experience of our week if we make it that way. How cool!! Taking the sacrament is a testimony!! A testimony of the atonement, that we know we can receive forgiveness through it and be healed! So beautiful.

I also loved how they had those men give their talks in their native language! I really thought that was so cool! Because no matter what language we all understand through the spirit (or the translation but its whatever) Eduardo Something that spoke in Spanish or something was one of my favorites of those translated talks. "Come follow me" the most beautiful invitation to change and become Christ-like! As we come to know His voice for ourselves we can not only follow Him but walk with Him!! Become one and do His will!!

Several times through out conference they talked about how Gods arm is stretched out to us, its always stretched out! We just need to take hold of it. Okay last thing I want to share is from David A Bednar's talk. I really love him! I loved how he talked about how we are only inviting people to deepen and enrich their belief in Christ, to just find the truth for themselves. And how its not weird to share what we love, how true right? We should want to share what brings us joy! Oh that talk just made my spirit so happy! I'll be done now haha I love our prophet Thomas S Monson and his apostles. I know when we follow their counsels we are being led to salvation. There are 88,000 full time missionaries right now and I'm grateful I get to be one of them! I love being a missionary! I love you all and have a wonderful week! (:

Sister Schimbeck

Parts of other letters this week...
To Michelle (mom): ...Grandma is such a powerful woman. Her letters she sends me are so amazing! I love her and her strong testimony! I have some really great examples in my life! Thank you for yours momma!!!

To Mom and Dad:

My dearest most wonderful parents,

So Tad R Callister talked about families and being a parent, and how its their calling to teach the gospel in the home and teach them how to live it and then I can't remember exact words but I just remember hearing "one day they will understand" so I just wanted to tell you I understand now. And I'm so sososososo so so sososo I can't even say it enough so blessed and grateful to have you as parents thank you for doing everything you do and did because without your examples and teachings I wouldn't be here so thank you for changing my life and making me better I love you both so much.

The picture is a pancake sister cruz made for me but it says i love you so i'm sharing it (: <3

To Dad:

Lalaine is a recent convert!! She is so amazing. She has every scripture memorized that has to do with all those young womens' attributes! She's the one who started "Sister Taylor Swift Schimbeck" haha she is obsessed with Taylor Swift and can't even look at me with out laughing and saying Ah Taylor Swift haha. Thats so cool! I wish I knew Isaiah, we met a man that has every verse in Isaiah memorized and just bible bashed us the whole time, it was so scary. Haha I can feel the power from your prayers dad! Thank you so much! I'm hard on myself, but my language is slowly coming along. I love that you you're obsessed with my mission!! It makes me so happy! This is the best choice I could've ever made for my life and you all!! I wish I could do wolf Wednesday with you!! Oh I love you dad!!

Rumboton (I don't know how to spell it) but they are the most delicious fruit here next to mangos!!  

 My first convert Mercy! She loves coming to teach with us! 

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