Monday, October 27, 2014

Awkward? I think not.

The most awkward picture of the year goes to...
Sister Schimbeck, Enna and Inday!!
 Hahah just before we ate our sugar cane!!
Hello everyone!! So I've decided if you need a self confidence booster serve your mission in the Philippines. Like I'm a hideous monster and they still tell me I'm beautiful. Hahah like whenever we need a confidence booster we walk by this one mans house and he, without fail every time, gives us a compliment and it just makes our day(: and yeah it was very much needed this week too because this week has been kind of hard!

-Jain family home evening!
They're such strong RC's great examples for Stef who is working for baptism(

We got punted a lot and our guy to be baptized didn't show up to church so he couldn't be baptized and yeah just kind of a week of disappointments!! Okay lang(: because I had some of the most powerful prayers of my life and have never felt the spirit so strong! Like oh I wish I could explain it to you guys!!

We taught lots of new investigators this week and we would show them the restoration video. I love that video! Its so powerful. What I noticed this week watching that video and teaching about families in gospel principles made me realize how important Joseph Smith's parents are. That's why I love the restoration video so much, it really shows the role Joseph Smiths parents played. I like to think it's because of them that he was chosen to restore this gospel. Its the parents responsibility to teach the gospel and they did, even if they didn't have the fullness of the gospel they still did their part and I bet they're so proud!!
-Josol family! They're just so cute
Yeah anyways(: I'm grateful for my parents and that they raised me in the gospel. "Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blessed" 3NE18:21  They're truly the reason I'm out here on my mission I've figured out. I love them and  I love being a missionary! BRB bye tanan mga tawo!

Sister Schimbeck

Jack fruit! It looks cool but it isn't that yummy.

And pig blood. Straight pig blood
with chunks of meat. Super yummy.

My artistic tricycle mirror pic on the tricycle

Mango Float
The most delicious food I've made here so far(: 

My mango float. It is that yummy! Cream, condenser,
gramcrakers  and magos lang!! I'm good at taking pictures huh?

Sister Presentation!! She always sings for us when we visit her(:

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