Monday, October 6, 2014

Motorcycles Own the Roads!

Hey ya'll! So this week was follow up training week! Time is flying by and I'm not going with it. Frustrating as it was theTraining was cool though, my mission president is so wise! I love hearing from him! But yeah so for training we had to travel to Bacolod and its about two hours away and we had to travel by bus. Since they don't have traffic laws their driving is really crazy and l got so car sick:-)
 But I also realized from their driving that I want a motorcycle. Motorcycles own the roads here (mostly because they don't have cops here, like I've only seen one police man the whole time I've been here) also Americans are not using motorcycles to their full potential, like you can fit more than two people on one. We had lots of brown outs here this week (its just like a black out but its brown here I guess) but yeah its just so hot when it happens, like I thought I was going to die. The relief society meeting was off the chain!! I only got to see the last talk from Uchtdorf but it was so good! I love those men. When they speak you can really feel that it is God speaking to you. So testimony meeting here is just so amazing. They love to bear testimony in English, its so cute "I'm so very much grateful for.." (: They have the strongest testimonies too. And I love when they thank us in their testimonies! It melts my heart!! 

This weeks baptism was Kresha! She is eight and sagad! She always wants to say the opening and closing prayer when we would teach her and she loves church like she is such a funny eight year old! So mature. She really just got our lessons too. Heavenly Father was truly preparing her! She is a great missionary too! She is always trying to share the gospel with her friends! Oh I just love her! I
love this work, no matter how hard it gets its the little moments that make it so worth it! In my personal study the other day I was reading Enos. I love that chapter or book or whatever you would call it. His conversion is so amazing to see! I really just love the last verse too, "...then shall I see his face with pleasure, and He will say unto me: Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared fro you in the mansions of my Father."  I can't wait for this day! This verse changed my work ethic! I want my work to be worthy of this verse, I want my investigators to have this! Oh I love the gospel and all it has to offer! I love being a missionary and I love you all! Kbye. 

Sister Taylor Swift Schimbeck

 Yummiest food that I can't remember what its called but its so yummy! 
 This is the Philippines in one picture! Sugar canes and workers and of course the Filipino swat! haha 

 On the way to Bacolod traveling by the bumpiest bus ever! 
That lizard thing is a tuko and they make that noise too! Its so loud and annoying.

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