Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Schimbeck like a diamond!"

So this week was a good week! Like it rained and rained but aside from that it was perfect weather(: tender mercies. I forgot how much I loved the sound of rain on their tin roofs. I felt the joy I felt when I first got here to the Philippines. I've realized lately that I've gotten used to the Philippines now and all the things I once thought were so cool and brought me so much joy! So it is so much fun to be reminded of those joys again. Like the people here. They are so different in every area I go to. But they are all so full of love for missionaries(: they're so funny too,
-Justin is the cutey with pigs tails(:
yes he is a boy. Just has girly hair. 
I'll never get tired of it. Like we have one recent convert family that I just adore. Their son Justin is 3 years old and every time he sees me he sings "Schimbeck like a diamond!" haha you know like that one annoying song, shine bright like a diamond. We were also reading in the English Book of Mormon with a family one time and we read in 1 Nephi 14:10 talking about the great and abominable church and how 'she is the whore of all the earth'...."Sister Schimbeck, what is whore? HAHAHA I didn't even know how to explain this to them. Also like when it gets really hot here I'll start to like blush you know like all white people do when its hot and they'll be like "oh you're color pink!" They always put 'color' before they say a color, its so funny. I also forgot I get called Joe on the daily. "Hey Joe!" "Whats up Joe?" I don't know why they do it but they do it to everyone that's white. So fun remember these little things that brought me so much joy at one time again(:
-Sister Tatireta using the bomba to wash her feet
with some carabao taking a mud bath in the background(: THE PINES! 

I was also thinking like sometimes we get that way with the gospel too. We forget the joys of the gospel that we felt at one time. Like oh I've read the Book of Mormon all ready I don't need to read it again. I study the restoration everyday I don't need to study again for Maricel. I was starting to feel this way in my studies!! It was awful, like I though I knew it all but I definitely do not!! I read that talk again from general conference that was about like not getting tired of discovering gospel truths again. It's such a joy to study everyday and add more to what I know and to feel the joy I once felt when I first started learning such amazing truths. This gospel is soo true. I become more converted to it everyday. I love this work, I love being a missionary and stay fresh!

Sister Swift

 Our house. I love our house! its a good size and I can use the shower hose thingy! Its so nice! And very clean!

-I love carabao. They were just so happy when it rained
 so they could take a mud bath! 

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