Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Plan of Salvation!!!

Hey!! So this week was so so busy and stressful. But it was wonderful. Stress is wonderful. Without stress we don't improve, one thing I'm so grateful I learned from my mission so far. We had our Zone Conference this week.
It was combined with another zone and our mission president was there and his assistants so I was like way super nervous. I haven't been that nervous since state drill or state track! Like the rush was real but then I threw up and the nervousness went away so its all good. We also had the baptism of Sister Marigold and Ely(:
They were so unsure about baptism when I first got here, like they were so prepared and had a testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon but still so unsure and I was just so confused why! But then I noticed that they were never taught the plan of salvation!!! Guys, I testify that the plan of salvation changes hearts and it is the most perfect plan. After they were taught the plan of salvation thats when their doubts left! It was so amazing to see(: Like when we understand our purpose here and what we are working for right now its not hard to accept the gospel and all it has to offer for us! They were like okay I'll get baptized after haha. Ah I love this work. Its the most satisfying work ever.
So like when I was still pretty new it the mission I thought it was going to get easier when I was old, it doesn't, its still just as hard but I love it gihapon(: I love being a missionary so much. kbye stay fresh!!

A note from Elder & Sister Mower:

Hello Brother & Sister Schimbeck, my wife and I are serving in the Bacolod Mission as senior missionaries.  We love your daughter--she is a wonderful missionary and doing great!

Elder & Sister Mower

Zone Confrence, Icecream MMmmMM

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