Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines, Wedding & a Baptism

Heya! So this week was a roller coaster ride. The Elders in our ward got pulled out this week (meaning that they both got transferred and their area is now ours too)
yeah so all of Santa Fe is our area. And its SO huge! So yeah that was the real stressful part of my week. And then our BAPTISM AND WEDDING (still stressful but so many good feelings)
Baptism service(:
Guys, and it was so off the chain.President and Sister Ferrin even came to it, so basically it was a big deal. The Lord had 4 baptisms this week and one marriage that will become eternal in a year(: Sister Mariechell who was married and baptized was looking like she was going to be an eternal investigator when she first started being taught by missionaries last year because she was keeping all her commitments and going to church the only thing was, she wasn't married nor did she want to get married, yeah. So at one time she was our only progressing investigator so we were like Sister Mariechell you need to get married girl! (kind of chastised her but its okay, the spirit testified) And she was like yeah I do need to get married and four weeks later, BAM! Wedding(:
Sister Mariechell and Brother Marlon kissing!
and her husband has a baptism date for March 7(: Sister Josephine, Maria Cristia and Jermin are just the sweetest sisters you will ever meet! And Sister Josephine's baptism was such a beautiful thing to witness because she has had such a dark and hard past. This gospel changes lives! Ah I love it!
With Sister Pattillo

So this week in my personal study I was reading in Matthew "And the graves were opened; and bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after the resurrection.." yep, zombie apocalypse. Hahah just kidding but really its gonna happen, the scriptures do not lie. I know the scriptures are true and I know this gospel is true and I know being a missionary is the best. I love being a missionary! bye stay fresh!

Sister Taylor Swift
Helping out investigator Sister Leah with some laundry! 

And the youth of Santa Fe! They are so fun! They all remind me of Josh and Madi

Special sacrament service! 

The national flower! I can't remember its name though..

My best friend Sister Ariel! Shes so cute! 

 Tiny tooth paste! That was like a one use deal.

 The sink Sister Arviola broke!
And a scenery picture because its been a long time(:

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