Sunday, February 8, 2015


So I always forget everything I want to say right when I start typing. Its so annoying. But did you guys see the moon this week?! Like we didn't even need a flash light walking through the sugar canes! THE LORD IS MY LIGHT. Oh so this week we got to meet President Ferrin! He's so cool and will be such a powerful leader for us here oh and his wife is my favorite, she's so funny and spiritual and I want to be her when I'm an old lady. He was born in Texas and she was born in Utah and they have lived just about everywhere in the world. But of course their favorite is the Philippines, they said its where they've gained most of their testimonies and grown the most spiritually. So yeah I'm serving in the best place in the world kay.

So this week we meet a lady that just had her 3 year old son pass away. She cried and cried to us and was in so much pain. So we sang for her and the ward missionary working with us gave her a blessing and I've never felt the spirit so strong. I know we have angels looking over us and I know that her son is one of those angels and he was comforting his mother at that time. I know our Savoir lives and little Mark will too. We shared our testimonies with her about the plan of salvation and atonement and just watched the gospel start to melt her heart. This work is the Lords work and I love getting to be apart of it and witnessing so many miracles everyday. I can never express how grateful I am for this gospel. Its perfect. And it changes lives. ah I love being a missionary! Stay Fresh!

Sister Schimbeck

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