Friday, July 25, 2014

MTC, Temple, Devotionals


I can't believe its been five weeks. Like time seriously is flying and I'm not sure how I feel about it. This week went by especially fast! Like when you aren't thinking about Pday everyday it comes a lot faster. We went to the temple this morning and I just love the temple! You feel the spirit so strong there. 

This week has been awesome! So I was struggling so hard with language so I asked for a blessing. Oh my goodness. It was such a powerful blessing. I asked Elder Christensen who is very quiet like he reminds me of the Chinese girl from Pitch Perfect. Yeah crazy quiet. But wow the power he had in his voice was incredible! I could truly feel God there in the room speaking through Elder Christensen. After that blessing it just made all my fears go away and I finally felt like I was starting to get the language pretty well and I was just starting to get some confidence! It was a wicked sweet feeling. So of course because I was starting to get all confident in my self God had to remind that this is all Him, we had a skype lesson with a real life Bacolod Filipino! I couldn't understand like anything she said. My confidence went right out the window with after that lesson. But it really made me realize I need to put all faith and trust into Him!! Super humbling. So get this! I found this scripture after our awful skype lesson, D&C 100:5-6, it was so comforting to me! It talks about how the Lord will fill my mouth just when I need it! How cool huh!!

Our Tuesday devotional was so amazing! Elder Ellis from the Seventy and his family came and talked to us. It was like the most spiritual devo so far for me!! It got me so pumped to just do better in everything! Cause before the devo I was just always like I don't wanna do this and I don't wanna do that. So all nine of his children served missions and they all either went to Brazil or France and then theres one in South Korea right now but all they did was share their testimonies and they were so powerful! This is His time that we're on and it is only 18 months! I've gotta give it all I got. It like seriously made me so spiritually pumped!! I felt like I was going to explode. 

I love this work so much and its so hard but its all worth it!! Thank you everyone for all the prayers! I can feel them in my life everyday!  I grow so much everyday and I have so much fun too! I love being a missionary! 

Sister Swaggin Schimbeck

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